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Hi Barry,
Mickey Oates: mum & dad had the fish & chip shop down Higham Hill opposite Winns Ave. His brother Joey had 315 Higham Hill Rd. I lived at 335 opposite the Tavern & used the shop on a regular basis & Mickey used to work there sometimes & Billy Quaif was in my class at school but Not seen him since he lived in Gloucester RD. all those years ago. Mickey is on FaceBook.


Hello Dave, I remember Malcom Halsey, but unfortunately got no idea where he might be.

Daniel: I can remember that the member of the '60s band Jokers Wilde, from Priory Court, was George May & I am pretty sure one of his brothers, I think Johnny May was also in the band; I can also remember seeing a band called The Confederates at the Granada in a competition for London bands. One of the Bramley family I believe Terry from Lawrence Avenue, Walthamstow, was lead singer. I was mates with his brother Nut as was his nickname at the time.


Dear Valerie,
I have just read about the carnival in Walthamstow where the accident happened and a boy was killed. I was the Walthamstow Carnival Queen in 1955, the one that had appendicitis and was let out of the hospital for the procession and then had to return back there. I remember that the next year 1956 this tragic accident happened.

In 1958, I married and left England and came to live in Ravensburg a lovely little town near the Lake of Constance with my German husband. We had four children and I was happily married nearly 56 years, until last year in June my dearest husband died. I am now 81 and found the Walthamstow Memories recently and today I read your mail. This is 60 years on but I still remember my time in Walthamstow in 111, Sturge Avenue. Perhaps you remember me. Bye

Thelma HELLSTERN (formerly Smith)

Dear Daniel,
My name is Maureen Shanks and I have just had my first book published, which is essentially an auto-biography about my childhood years growing up in Walthamstow during and after WWII. The book is entitled 'To Dear Daniel with love..' and I was inspired to record my memoirs by my grandson Daniel (hence the title), who would love nothing better than to snuggle up to me on the settee and listen to stories of my childhood. I then decided to record these stories little realising how big a project it would become. There was so much that has gone into my 74 years of life that instead of one book it has spread over 3 books, the first of which I have had published and very much hope to have the other two published next year.

I obviously would wish to promote my book and was hoping that you would be kind enough to do this on your page. I will be appearing at the Christmas Launch at The Mall Walthamstow on the 28 November, where I will be carrying out a booking signing and also at the Highams Park Christmas Fayre in Tesco's Foyer on the 20 December. Any publicity you could offer would be greatly appreciated. I have printed off some flyers and if you would like me to send one of these to you it goes give a short synopsis of what the book is about.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Maureen SHANKS

Hi Sue! I was at Warwick at that time ..I was in Mrs. Sims class ..I remember Miss Hubbard, who I disliked and her secretary was Mrs Christmas. I remember the benches outside the offices... white... if you wasn't well and yellow if you needed to see the old bag... and blue if you were naughty... every body was scared of Miss Hubbard, except one girl in my class... Carol Barns.. I'm sorry I don't recall your name... mine was Sandra Burchett


Hi Daniel,

This is Scott. I found dumped two files from people who worked at that company, would you be as kind as to ask John Knowles, if he knows if they are still alive.

Names are: EDITH MAY BREWITT (she would be in her 90s) and PETER CHARLES BRETT (in His 70s). It's not important stuff, just old work records...

Just by chance my relatives come from Walthomstow and Leyton area, but I have never lived in London (luckely)!!

Many Thanks,


Dear Vivienne,

Pleased you enjoyed the photograph and thank you for reminding me of Kate's name. I've been disgusted with myself for not remembering some of those names and that was one in particular!

Christine I think lives not far from me in Frinton as I'm sure I've caught sight of her a couple of time in Connaught Ave. I expect by now you've let her know she features on the web.

I let Daniel have a number of my photographs for the site as I just felt that they would be better in the public domain rather than sitting in a drawer at home and you've proved I was right.

Fond memories.

Best regards


Hello Roger & Daniel,

I've just been looking at Google and found this very interesting post.

As a starter, my sister Christine Wescott is in the group photo shown and Kathleen Rainbow is next to her. Great to see Mr Foster & Mr Dixon.

I was there 1956 - 1958 and Mr Foster & Mr Les Smith were a couple of my teachers.

What a wonderful school that was - certainly gave me an excellent education. My family and I have been living in Camberley, Surrey for 36 years now.

I have been in local politics for 30 years of that and often think back to my Gascoigne years and the confidence and start it gave me in life!


Vivienne CHAPMAN


I served with Jon LEE of Walthamstow in RAF in Germany 1958. Are you interested in more info on Jon?



I have been researching my family tree for sometime now and my father Philip Kerridge grew up in Walthamstow. He had 2 brothers Charles & George and 2 sisters Phyllis & Rose. They were all born in the 1920's. Charles moved to Southend Phyllis and George remained in the area. Rose married and emigrated to Australia. Their father was Philip Kerridge and he was married to Margaret White.

I would dearly love to hear from anyone who has any memories or photographs them. Phylis married Fred Smith, Charles married Maisie Englefield, George was married three times to Nellie Finlayson Doris Fincham & Gladys Turburville. Rose married Robert Dawson.

Boundary Road, Essex Road, Hervey Park Road, and I think St Andrews or Andrew Road are some of the places I think they lived.

If anyone has any memories or information I would be very grateful.
Thank you so much


Hello Mike,

Daniel Quinn of the Walthamstow Memories site has copied me in to your Email concerning Cabinet Industries Ltd.

The company was situated close to the Phillips factory on the North Circular Road. Presently, the Deacon Industrial Estate occupies the site at Cabinet Way. (See Google map snip below) At the time of its operation the area was part of Walthamstow but is now part of Chingford.

I have posted the following plea for information on a number of Walthamstow area Facebook sites:

“Bill Bayliss - Today at 15:00
This is an enquiry on behalf of Mike Maranian, who is involved with setting up a Pye of Cambridge museum in Cmbridge, for any information that you can give about Cabinet Industries Ltd . This was a subsidiary company of Phillips Records on the North Circular Road. I believe that is was located in what is now the Deacon Estate, Cabinet Way (Think B & Q) quite close to Phillips itself. Any help you can provide will be gratefully received”

I would also suggest that you contact the Archivist at the Vestry House Museum in Rectory Road, Waltham Forest to see if they can assist at :

I also note that a Rob Davidson is/was collating information for a book on Philips and the Made In Walthamstow site at: has also published an appeal for information.

The sites on which I have posted the appeal for information are: (Chingford & Highams Park) (Walthamstow Memories)

Cabinet Industries Ltd Location Map,-0.0328824,16z?hl=en

See Google snip above. The Deacon Industrial Estate which, I believe was the former Cabinet Industries Ltd site is bounded by the North Circular Road, the (un-named road on the snip) Cabinet Way that runs through the estate, Hazel Way and Burnside Avenue.


Hi Lynda,

You are right: we were the first to transfer from McGuffie to Morris as I was in the same year as you. We used to hang about together for a while. Did you not go into 'hair treatments' or am I confused? My name was Lesley Holt and Mr Norton at McGuffie was married to my cousin. I had a good friend at McGuffie called Susan Cohenbut she didn't transfer with us for the final years. Also good friends with Susan Westcott and Susan Barr, who sadly died a few years back.

I always felt that Morris didn't really welcome us with open arms but perhaps that was just my perception. I didn't particularly enjoy my time there and had a nasty piece of work in the second year for a teacher by the name of 'Stockdale'. Boys certainly got their own back on him, the number of accidents that happened to his car...


Hi my name is Tony Waters and I remember the Buisson family well: I delivered newspapers to their house and also collected the money for the papers, as I recall back in the 50’s. I can remember two brothers I believe one was named Chris, I cannot remember the eldest one’s name. They also had a cousin named David Buisson who lived about eight houses up from me in Victoria road, I have lived in Brisbane since 1963 and have visited Walthamstow several times over the years and the changes have been phenomenal.

Hope this has been of help mate. Regards

Anthony WATERS

Dear Daniel

I am one a many people putting together information of the Pye of Cambridge Company for the purpose of a dedicated Pye museum in Cambridge.

Pye was wholly owned by Philips in the latter years, a company I worked for, for over 33 years. During my career I worked in the Philips UK Headquarters in London and was posted to Cabinet Industries in Walthamstow for about 3 or 4 months in the 1979 – 80 era.

We know that the Pye Company had some major activities and also a vast number of what were known as “Pye B Companies”. One of those “B Companies” was Cabinet Industries in Walstamstow, employing about 50 people for the production of wooden TV cabinets.

We would like to include this organisation in the Pye Museum so would like to search for anyone who can add or recall any information about this company (even if it’s just the location of where it was). I am also aware that Cabinet Industries had a further factory in Alfreton (in Derbyshire) where they manufactured plastic (moulded) cabinets.

Can you please advise me of the best way to see if we can locate anyone who may have worked or new someone who worked in this Walthamstow operation.

I thank you for any help you can give me.
Kind regards


Hi my name is Alisha, I'm a pupil who attends the Winns Primary School is that the same school as the one I attend and if so it is completely different now!

If you wish I can send you picture of our school now at the current moment


Hi Daniel, I was a pupil 1952 to 1956 and my Headmaster was Cyril Burton so you may wish to update your site. Mr Dixon was by then Head of another school (Coppermill ?) and he was club leader of Athan boys club.


From Daniel: info updated.

Good morning Daniel, I was just going through some old photos and found this one of when I was in a school play at Roger Ascham Junior School. Guess it must have been around 1952 when I was living at Priory Court. I am in the front row wearing a black sack.

The play was called ‘The Emperors New Clothes’ I only had one line which was, ‘Look! The Emperor wear no clothes!’ I think the ‘Emperor’ (second from left at the back) was a Michael who lived in Millfield Ave at the time. Does anyone recognise themselves? Love to hear from you and see how life has treated you. Also I wonder, does anyone recall or know of Vera Dore, who lived in Carlton Road around that time who had a brother named Alan? We were great friends but lost touch when my family moved to Canvey Island where I still live today.
Best wishes to every one


I was born in Higham Hill road Walthamstow and now live off Brooks Croft road. I am now 98 years old, my father was killed in battle of the Somme there was a list of names in St. Andrews church when the church was demolished: his name was George Briggs and wondered if was put in the new building.


Hi Daniel, I am trying to contact Kevin Turner: he mentions me in his post along with several others from our school George Gascoigne.
Would appreciate his e-mail address - must have been about 1965 last time I saw him!


My grandma lived in Billet road, near the Crooked Billet. Ellen Prior with soldier husband George, daughter Doris and Betty. Later Doris and Gran moved to flat near market.

They lived upstairs in the house, two spinsters Ethel and Lilie lived downstairs. Ethel was amazing on piano.
Mum Betty n Dad lived here for a while later and Dad worked at Wrightons, dad name Harry Darrell.

To the back of them were allotments which during WW2 accommodated anti-aircraft battery so loud they named guns cracker-jack, parts of aircraft and other were regularly found.

I spent many many great times their during school holidays and some weekends.

If any one remembers anything at all about the above I would love to hear about this.
Many thanks


I read message from Robbie asking if anyone remembered St. Mary's C of E Infant School: I certainly do. I went there from the age of 5 years. I remember clearly walking up the path passed the cottages from St. Mary's Road, in mild trepidation as I remember, where I lived with my Mum and Dad and brother, opposite the well remembered sweet shop.

I then went on to Junior School in Orford Road.

War broke out at that time and I was evacuated from there to Rutland. what a change from lovely Walthamstow, but I was quite happy and well looked after.

My childhood was a very happy one and as in another of your messages also attended Folkestone Road Hall Sunday School with my brother.

We moved to Middlesex in 1940 as my Dad's job moved there. My memories of E17 will always stay in my heart till my dying day.


Hello, what a great site.

Jack Nice: I bought a Raleigh moped from him and later part exchanged it for an NSU Quickly. I think his shop was in Orford Road.

Does anybody know anything about the Scout group 19th Walthamstow I was a member from 1948 to 1957, from memory.


"Daniel Purkis & Sons", I think .... And it was owned by my grandad and great grandad.



Many thanks for getting in touch Martin. Yes, Dr Watson was a very good doctor, one of the old school!



I remember Dr Watson very well as she was our doctor almost our whole time in Walthamstow. Latterly she was quite deaf, but always very good on house visits and quite kindly in her own way.

Good wishes


I to went to Sidney Chaplin, and I lived in Sutton road all good days


Hi Ted, I didn't start at McEntee until '66 but think the Engineering/Technical Drawing teacher was probably Mr. Taylor, as when I joined he seemed very old and as if he had been there for ever!


Hey... I am looking for my great grandad who had a shoe shop opposite Woolworths in Walthamstow High street. I was born in 1968, he had a grandson called Mark and grandaughter called Kim, possible surname of Bredwell or Breadwell, many thanks


Dear Derek, many thanks for the info re Dr Clarke. I had a feeling his surgery was in that part of Hoe St so thanks for confirming this and for your interesting memories of this remarkable doctor.

With all good wishes,


I would like to thank you for posting your father’s diary entry. For some time now I have been trying to confirm the day on which the bomb fell. I cannot imagine a more impeccable source than the diary. Censorship was tight at that time so details could not be published until after the war, by which time mistakes could have been made. My memories of the day are not detailed but I can remember that from shortly after that time people were referring to it as having been on a busy Saturday morning. I now wonder if this was encouraged or even started as propaganda against the enemy. I was nine that year and lived in Milton Road, we lost our windows plus some ceilings and acquired a crack in the front wall of the house. Once a week in the war years us kids walked down Aubrey Road to your father’s chapel (which we called the tin chapel on account of its corrugated roof) to the ‘penny pictures’ to see Felix the Cat.

People talk nowadays about trauma and needing counselling, they have no idea what trauma is. The victims, their loved ones and rescue workers such as your father endured terrible sights, sounds and smells in the carnage and then had to carry on their normal lives without any help.

Thank you again for your posting, this exchange has shown yet again the value of a site like Walthamstow Memories that helps us to recall, fill in gaps and, most important of all, to preserve details from the past that are too small or personal to make the history books and would otherwise be lost. Long may it continue.


Dr. Clarke had his surgery in the basement of 109 Hoe Street on the corner of Cairo Road. His full name was Dr. James Clarke L.R.C.P. Lond.,M.R.C.S. Eng.

In the 1940s he often walked up Milton road to visit patients . My memory of him is of a short, slim man in dark, old fashioned formal wear with a butterfly collar and grey spats. Strangely, I have no memory of his face or head but a man of his era and status would never be outdoors without a hat, possibly a Homburg.

My sister remembers an incident involving him in the very early 40s. Our mum answered a knock at the door. It was Dr Clarke who walked straight past her into the back room saying that he had come to treat Joan (my sister) for measles; mum had to try to explain that there was nothing wrong with Joan and that he was not even our doctor. It turned out in the end that he had been called to Joan Bristow, two doors up the road.

109 Hoe St. as it is now


I was a pupil at Warwick from 1960 to 1964 and remember the football team which never lost a match in the borough during them years. I think the players were John Austin, myself, Ronnie Capsey Smith, Elveyn Read, Killick Drake, Charlie Brimm ozzy but I cannot think of his name of our teacher except he took metalwork. We also had a good basketball squad coach by and the Mr Clark and Mr Maxwell was headmaster and the teachers I remember were Mrs Prince, Mr James and Mr Chaplin. There were others but age has the better of me.


Hi I lived in 68 Brook Dale road, with my mum dad Stanley and Edith Brooks. I have a brother Stanley and a sister Yvonne, I know that the house belonged to my dads family before them so would have still been Brooks. I was born in 1944 and also got married at St Luke's church, the people that lived at 66 that I remember were Mrs Elle's or Heels, they had a son called Ron and a daughter.

The other side was Ivy and Len Evans with a son called Peter. Not sure if we crossed paths in any way but as you was in the house next door, my name is Della Brooks and I went to William Mc Guffie school and remember Mr. Tomlinson, Mr Smith and a few others great times to remember!



Great to see the pics.

I was in the same class as Alan Stephenson, David Newstone, Alistair McGregor, Michael Panrucker, Peter Levene, David Hurst and Michael Betts and so on.

You will find some more class pictures including a visit to London Zoo in my memories in this site.

The other teachers which can be added are in the pics:
Mr Clarke (obviously Nobby) who taught us Chess at his home in Shernhall St and Mr Asprey a tall chap. Mr Birmingham was head whilst we were there.

P.S. I was at: St Mary's infants 1948 - 1951 then Maynard Rd Juniors 1951 -1955 then William Morris Tech 1955-1962


Thanks David for contacting me. I recognise your name, I think we were in the same school together, Greenleaf and or McGuffie?



My Dad used to be in the carnival most years, driving a float from James Latham a timber company from Clapton..i sometimes used to ride in the lorry, felt so proud waving to all the by-standers..Yes I remember that incident, as far as I can remember he was a Cub and slipped off the boy scouts float..


Hi Marilyn,

Thanks for writing, I didn't start at St. John's until about 1958 or 59 so I was a bit after your time. However as you say they were good days and I benefited by being under the awesome direction of Miss Resker. I remember she had a fantastic sense of humour as did the others of course. I was very sad to see they had demolished the old St. John station in Willow Walk.

Best wishes


Hi Dave, I left the school in 1966, but the kids I remember in 3a, teacher Mrs Gasson are. Judy Brown, Valerie Ball. Janet Hills, Susan Stevens, Susan East, Susan Miller, Christine Carne, Robert Hickey, Michael Davidson, Richard Walker, John Lapping, Michael Newton, Yvonne Dupree, Annette Nottman, these are the kids that I can remember, hope this helps, my name is Charlene Smith, lived in Oz for 30 odd years now living in the best little island out Tasmania...

Charlene ALLEN née SMITH

Dear Daniel, I was at Sidney Chaplin from 1963-66, My name was then Charlene Smith. I had to leave in 66 because my parents went to live in Australia. My best buddies were Janet Hills, Judy Brown, Valerie Ball, we used to hang around together in Mrs Gassons class of 3a, and I remember John Lapping very well...please could you add my name to the list as they were some of the happiest years of my life. Thank you

Charlene ALLEN née SMITH

Remember Dr Clarke he was my grandfather's doctor and his surgery was in Hoe Street on the left hand side coming from the Bell Corner it was just after Milton Road and towards the shops opposite the Granada cinema. He used to wear a frock type coat and winged collar shirts. My Grandfather died in 1955 aged 89 and I think Dr Clarke was about the same age.


Hi Gilda, the last email I sent you for some reason got blocked why I do not know. If you still want to get in touch email me


Hi Val,

I too was a St. John Ambulance Cadet from 1954/56 at Willow Walk. I remember Mrs. Kettley very well and her daughter Enid who was engaged to be married at the time. Miss Resker I remember very well. It was she who suggested that myself and Margaret Russell, also a cadet, represent the St. John Ambulance Brigade float at the Walthamstow Carnival of 1955. Seems an eternity away now but good days. Have a picture somewhere of Margaret and myself on the float taken by the then Walthamstow Guardian newspaper. Will try and dig it out and perhaps you might remember us.

Best Wishes,


Hello Valerie I went to Mission Grove school from 1946 to 1951, but I do not recall your aunt as a teacher but then I can remember the names of all the teachers in the juniors but not the infants... Was your aunt an infants teacher?

I have just recalled Gilda Man maiden name Silver was in my class at Mission Grove.


Thanks David, I wonder if anyone else remembers that dreadful accident. Yes, it probably was earlier than I thought, I would be curious to know if anyone knows which year for certain. Regards


Good luck it's fun and games here when my Company works on the servers!!


Yes, I remember that vividly as I was in Northcote road when it happened. From what I heard the young lad tried to get on the float by standing on the wheel while it was moving and he fell under the float killing him. You don't forget a thing like that as for the year I think it was earlier than that


Hi Daniel,

I started school at Mission Grove School in 1946 although I was nearly six was in the infants and the juniors I remember the teachers in the juniors as miss Wakefield miss Cliss miss Witherwick miss Gratten miss Digweed and Mr Potter and the headmaster was Mr Hoffman I left in 1951 and went Coppermill School. Happy days!



I haven't got any photo's of Longfellow road but as I am researching my late father who lived at 96 Longfellow Road 1920/1930 maybe you can let me know if you have any luck.

Thank you. Regards



Hi, I'm trying to get some info. I stayed in Walthamstow in 1983 and don't know what area, I was only about 10 at the time. Where I stayed we were not far from the train station, outside the block of flats was a tennis court and I can remember being told that I was not to go near the other block as we were not welcome over there. There was a lady and her husband that used to take me in to play with their children and feed me because my cousin would lock me outside for hours. Their names were Peggy and John they had two daughters Susan and Linda I can't remember if the surname was Sullivan or O'Sullivan.

Do you think I can get any info with just the above or should I give up trying because I have no family left to ask.


Hi, I'm trying to get some info. I stayed in Walthamstow in 1983 and don't know what area, I was only about 10 at the time. Where I stayed we were not far from the train station, outside the block of flats was a tennis court and I can remember being told that I was not to go near the other block as we were not welcome over there. There was a lady and her husband that used to take me in to play with their children and feed me because my cousin would lock me outside for hours. Their names were Peggy and John they had two daughters Susan and Linda I can't remember if the surname was Sullivan or O'Sullivan.

Do you think I can get any info with just the above or should I give up trying because I have no family left to ask.


Dear All,

I don't know if much has been written about the Walthamstow Carnival, I remember it well from my childhood days in the early fifties and sixties. One particular year's event was seriously marred by a young lad being killed by a carnival float, not sure if he was a Cub or a Boy Scout. The float was turning from Palmerston Rd into the road where St. Michael's Church stands. Quite what happened I am not sure but the story goes that he was crushed under the wheels of one of the carnival float lorries. The procession was held up for at least 2 hours and obviously put a dampener on the whole event. Many folk including my parents & me left the scene and went back home to Eldon Road where we lived at the time. It must have been around 1958/9, I cannot be really sure of the exact year.

A terrible, terrible accident however. Does anyone have any memories of it?


Hi Gilda,

My aunt Miss Beatrice POPE was a teacher at Mission Grove Infants school in the late forties and early 'fifties. You might just remember her. Sadly she died at the age of 61 in 1979, having just retired to Dunoon in Scotland.

All good wishes,


Hi Clive,

Remember you vaguely... I'am 3rd from right front row beside me is Robin Veasey with Gerald Rayner behind him far right 2nd row there are a few others I remember but not to sure of their names. Remembered your Christian name but could not recall your surname.


Hi everyone,

does anyone remember a very old Doctor in Walthamstow, (I think he was aged about late 80's in 1960!) named Dr. Clark(e) (or Dr Brown)? I think he had his surgery in Hoe St or Cairo road or thereabouts. He used to wear a frock coat and looked very old-fashioned even then.

I also wonder if anyone remembers Dr Helen Watson, she was much younger then Clark/Brown and was one of those rare female doctors in those days. She was a wonderful and much respected doctor, much loved by all her patients. She was also connected to the local St. John Ambulance Brigade in Willow Walk.

Thanks in anticipation of some brain racking!!



Hi Ann,

I am not related to the Kings family, but I knew some of them well. They were connected to Folkestone Rd Hall. I attended Folkestone Road Hall in about 1964 to 1970 approx. South Grove Gospel Hall was attended by the Stevens family, both chapels were Plymouth Brethren, or Open Brethren as they preferred to be known.
The Kings had a florists at the top of W'stow High St which then moved to the new arcade that opened around the corner in Hoe Street, that shop was much larger and it was a thriving business. Arthur King was a son, I remember Hilda King who married Alan Hitchin QC in about 1968 or thereabouts.
There was a Dick King who ran a Mission Hall off Wood Street.
Grace (really named Gertrude) King married a Captain May and they lived in The Drive W'stow. They had three daughters who were more or less my contemporaries.

The Stevens had a florists in the High St near to the High St Methodist Church, I think at one time they also had a small shop on Hoe Street bridge. Arthur King and his wife Mary(?) had a lot of children, can't remember how many !

I will continue to rack my brains to see how much more I can remember. They (the Kings) do have a large memorial in Chingford Mount Cemetery.



Hi Joy,

That is really interesting, I remember Mrs Bertha Kettley (his second wife I believe as he had been widdowed), Mrs Kettley was one of our officers in the local St. John Ambulance Brigade Cadets. I remember how devoted she was to Revd Kettley, this was a good four or five years after his death. Mrs Kettley was lovely and had a daughter by her first marriage named Enid, her married name was Patient, she succeeded Beryl Resker as our St. John Superintendent. However, all the cadets loved Mrs Kettley, she had a terrible limp, not too sure why, she had a built up shoe and getting around must have been difficult for her. She did a lot of voluntary nursing work at the Chingford Hospital.

Goodness what a lot of memories get stirred up from a single post on WM !!!

With all good wishes,


Hello Bill,

I was a former pupil at McEntee Technical School from 1959 to 1962. Your photograph of the school’s main entrance has certainly jogged my memories. Thank you for that. There were two additional classes of pupils joined the school in September 1959, comprising of 3rd. year pupils who had passed the then “13 plus examination”, as I had done.

From the 4th year on, (nowadays called Year 10), I entered the Engineering “bias” as it was called at McEntee. I recall the Engineering/Technical Drawing teacher, (whose name now sadly escapes me, hopefully just temporarily), used to say;- “On entering the school, you turn right to go to school but left to go to work!” The school’s engineering section, drawing office and workshop etc., were to the left of your picture, just out of the shot.

There was a little departmental “bias” of his own in that comment, as the whole school was about preparation for entering a wider world in the workplace, in the 4th and 5th. years.

Ted MARSTON, Par, Cornwall

Teachers: Mr Cantes geography I think that's how his name was spelt. Mr Robinson art. Also there was a woman teacher who taught art as well - she was french can't remember her name. Some of the names I forget I will have to dig out my report book.
Pupils: Tony Lovell, Gordon Smith, his sister Elaine Smith, Margaret Valentine. John Bibby, Douglas Jarman, Brian Wood and John Nutts.


From Daniel: Many thanks, Peter! Will add names presently...

I don't suppose you remember a boy called David Negus who lived in Stainforth Road up Church Hill? We played rounders and cricket over the Rec a.k.a. Selborne Rd Park for several years. He would be a bit older than I am and I am 77 years and hanging on for dear life?? I would love to know what career he chose and how his life has been since those days. My name was Hilary Jones and Georgie Golden was another member of our group along with Marlene Kettle who I am still in touch with. Love this site, here's hoping someone who reads this knows where he went. Bye

Hilary JONES

I went to this school 1959 to 1962 there are few of us missing from your list of pupils.
From the teacher's list there are a few missing.


Heck, Clive, if your photo on the WM website was taken in 1959 and you are 71 now, you must have been 15 when the photo was taken. You all look very young for your age in the photo - what were they feeding you on?!!!
Only joking - I love looking at these old photos.

Kind regards,

Margaret MILLS

Hi Donald

Is it possible you remember the name of the OWNER of the Fruit & Vegetable Store during WW2? Plus, was this the only greengrocers within Wood Street during this period?
With appreciation

Irene PUGH

My father, William Reeves, was the minister of the Baptist Church in Church Hill, Walthamstow, during the war. He kept a daily diary and his entry for Wednesday 16th August is as follows: “A day of flying bomb attacks. One fell at 10.00 a.m. in the street opposite Hitchmans. Terrible destruction. I cycled down – saw debris, fires, wounded and dead. Helped dig for a man buried in Hitchmans. A wrecked trolley bus nearby – the driver and conductor killed. A dead lad of about 18 lay nearby. Also helped dig for a lad buried in the fish shop. He was later brought out dead. Final figures were 17 killed and 70 injured. Our chapel had most of the windows blown in. A squad of members spent the afternoon clearing the place cup.”

Rosemary FREEMAN

AUGUST MAILS [Top of Page]

Hi Daniel, a few facts on the Mission Grove School



From Daniel: I have added the last picture, that might also be of interest...

VE day celebrations, 1945. Corner of Albany road and Downsfield road.
(Click to enlarge)

Does anyone remember this?


Hi Daniel,

I've been going through my old McGuffie School report book. Hilarious and depressing reading at the same time!! A few more staff names that I have found may be of interest to you. I was at McGuffie between 1958 and 1962.

Dennis Jefferies, English/Drama
Miss Somerskill PE/Games. I was terrified of her but then I was hopeless at PE & Games!
Miss A. McDowell Can't remember her subject.
Mr Brown. Science. Poor chap couldn't keep us in order! I think we gave him hell really!
Miss Chapman, can't remember her subject.
Mr Rollinson. Art.

I also have a copy of the McGuffie Speech Day & Prize Giving programme for 1962/1963. It is dated 24th January 1963. Happy to post it up if anyone is interested. Again, like the above, it may trigger some memories.


Hi Ron,

I remember your Dad when he was at McGuffie Secondary Modern School. I was taught by him, biology I think and general sciences. This would have been twixt 1958 and 1962 when I left in the summer of that year aged 15. Your Dad was one of the few teachers that I wasn't frightened of ! He was very good and kept our interest in the subject as well as being a very nice chap and highly respected.

I wonder if anyone else remembers him from McGuffie.



Good Afternoon Mr. Quinn,

I received your email address from the Walthamstow Memories website and I am in hopes you can assist me.

On 4 March 1943, Enid Helen Heester and her brother George Edward lived in Walthamstow at 66 Penrlyn Avenue, children of George James & Doris Rose (Brooks) Heester. That day was a bombing and Enid, being in the back of the house with the family dog, died. George, his mother and father survived.

George Heester Jr. & Doris Brooks wedding circa 1923

Enid, as I understand, was a dancer and danced and acted in many theatrical presentations in the area. She in her senior year in high school and would have graduated from such in a few months had the bombing not occurred.

I am also trying to find where Enid was buried after the bombing. The bombing happened just one day following the Disaster at Bethnal Green.

George Edward is now living on Long Island, New York, USA. He is 87. I have been been doing genealogy for 38 years now and am trying to locate photos and events of Enid Heester for her brother. George's youngest daughter Katherine is a dear friend of mine and I am doing this at her request as her father is quite ill.

In March 1949 Doris Brooks Heester died in West Ham, Essex. Her husband, George J. Jr. died in Waltham Forest in 1969 (I believe). I do not know where they are buried or photos other than the attached. It is their wedding photo about 1923 but I do not know anything more than that.

I found Enid in the WWII Civilian Deaths, 1939-1945, but I have not been able to find anything else. Is there any possibility you would know where I may find school photos of Enid and George E. during this time? Also, where Enid would have been laid to rest?

I believe George E. and his parents left Walthamstow shortly after the bombings. He arrived here in the US in 1954 and has not, to both my knowledge and much to his displeasure and grief, returned to since. It has been more than 60 years since George Edward has seen his home.

The second photo I am enclosing is one of George Edward Heester, (son of George J Jr. & Doris (Brooks) Heester, and brother to Enid Heester) and his family....his wife Dona and their children. The daughter to George's left in the blue shirt is my friend Katherine Heester.

The Heester Family

I do hope you are able to assist me?

Thank you for your time, I anxiously hope to hear from you soon.

Charles FRITH

Dear Daniel,

My parents (Mr. H. Neal & Mrs. P. Mary Robinson) are Bostonians. They were married 60 years ago this year. Their first married home was the flat above the Chemist shop at 75A, High Street, Walthamstow, from 1955 to circa 1958. I was aware they lived in Walthamstow High Street but was, until chance discovery only yesterday of a postcard addressed to them whilst they were living in Walthamstow, ignorant as to the precise address. Internet research has revealed the address is now a beauty salon/coffee shop. My late father (he died in 1979) was the Chemist at the shop. My parents often recalled the warmth and friendship extended to them by the market community during the comparatively short period they were there. I wonder if any of your subscribers remember anything about the Chemist shop at that address or have any photographs of the shop during that period.


I attempted to add this to the WM Facebook page but it disappeared:

I am 78 years old now and I used to live at 101 Markhouse Road, now in the adjacent road which was Ringwood Road there was a small shop in a house about 100 meters from Markhouse Road. This shop was run by a little old lady named Mrs. Golding and she didn’t live at the shop and at the end of her workday she would take her little basket on wheels and walk up Ringwood Road to her home somewhere I suppose. This would have been around the era 1942 to 1960. I can still recall the aromas in the shop as it sold small bundles of firewood and Paraffin as well as all manner of groceries. Does anyone else recall the shop?


I was very pleased and a bit surprised you would publish my original enquiry in your "postbag" section. Thank you. I am currently working on a more full or expanded version, for you approval and publishing. I see there is quite a bit of information about McEntee School there already. The pupil information you have, is unfortunately just "post" my time there.

I certainly hope I may make a few contacts from it. I never actually ever lived in Walthamstow, but after leaving school in the summer of '62, I spent a lot of time there. Including Chingford and Loughton as well, with friends, as a teenager.

Ted MARSTON, Par, Cornwall, (since 1969!)

Hello Daniel.

I have a posting in the family search portion on the website under "Brown" . However, my email is no longer Are you able to change the email to the above-

Thank you


From Daniel: Email address amended...

Daniel Hi, my name is Clive Lee,

I was at the McGuffie school from 1955-59....

McGuffie School - 1959?
(Click to enlarge)

I'm the one on the left with the specs, yes and I still look the same at 71.
Is there anyone out there that knows of me?

Clive LEE

I was a pupil at the McEntee Technical School from September 1959 to the Summer of 1962, when I left for the wider world of work. I recall Lady McEntee was a special guest at speech days then.

I actually lived in Woodford Bridge at the time, and travelled, (like so many pupils there) on normal public transport buses, sometimes bicycles, and briefly at the end on a motorcycle. In those days trolley-buses ran by the school, and were later replaced by the famous, (then new), “Routemaster” buses. Colonel Drewry was the head at that time and one of my class–mates was Peter Nice, whose father Jack, ran a motorcycle business in Walthamstow.

I could expand if any of this of any interest? I would love to contact any old pupils from that time.

Ted MARSTON, Par, Cornwall, (since 1969!)

Good Day,

Would anyone know what became of the Hale End Motor Cycle Club?
Where could I possibly find records of membership and general info on this club? Kind regards,


Hello Daniel,

I came across a 1975 letter from Clive Robinson at 30 Priory Avenue Walthamstow as I was going through my late wife Susan’s files. He was a student when he came to Australia in about 1969 and met Susan MacDonald on the Gold Coast. They corresponded for quite some years after he went back to London.

If you can obtain his contact details I would appreciate it, if you would pass them on as I would like to let him know what happened to Susan.

Kind regards,


Hello Daniel,

I was recently asked if I knew about a bicycle shop in Forest Road named ‘Braysher Cycles’ and I came up with this link which I found very interesting as I frequented the shop on many occasions between 1957 and 60:

Readers may find it interesting.


Hello Val,

These images would be a long time before your membership of St John’s Ambulance Brigade at Willow Walk but, I hope, are of interest.

Certificate from St John’s Brigade, 1918.

Interior of St John’s Brigade Willow Walk HQ in 1914.

St John’s Ambulance Brigade early 1900s? - Added by Daniel
(Click to enlarge)



From Daniel: I have added the last picture, that might also be of interest...

Your memory is correct. There were three children who were: Michael born in 1943, John in 1947 and Rosemary in 1953. I am unable to locate John or Michael, but Rosemary married Donald Munns in 1973 and I believe that they are presently living in Andover, Hampshire with their daughter Donna. It would be surprising if they didn’t know John’s location.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you their exact address, which is actually on several pay per view websites:

The site at : provides the following information:

Donald J Munns

Age Guide: 60-64
Andover, Hampshire, SP10 Full Address
Rosemary E Munns Donna M Munns
2002-06, 2012-13



‘Walthamstow Memories’ had a similar enquiry a few years ago and I was able to establish that it was a large house at 106, Upper Walthamstow Road named ‘Mounts Bay’. Sometime after WWII, it was used as a ‘Nursing Home for Unmarried Mothers’ by a local private dedicated charity who worked in close collaboration with the local authority to support mothers and their babies and, if necessary, to place them for adoption.

I knew it as a Foster Carer in the 1970’s when It became a Waltham Forest Children’s Home that was run on the ‘Housemother’ system.



Dear Daniel.

I was born on 18 February 1957 in Mount Bay Nursing Home and was adopted within about 2 weeks. I have never really attempted to find my birth mother, until now.

I can find no reference to Mount Bay Nursing Home on the site that surprises me if it was indeed a home that facilitated adoptions.
I look forward to your advices.

Kind regards


Hi Daniel.

I'am also trying to trace an old Sidney Chaplin friend. His name is JOHN FILBY, and he lived in Carlton Road, he had a brother Michael and a sister Rosemary.
Can you please post on the post bag



Hello Derek,

The blue plaque placed at the top of the High Street to commemorate the tragic V1 Flying Bomb incident is correct in stating the date as the 16th. August 1944. The book “War over Walthamstow” by Ross Wyld states that the V1 fell in August at just before 10a.m., but does not give the exact date. The Civilian War Dead Roll for Walthamstow quotes the 16th. August 1944 for all those killed in this incident. It is interesting that a plaque has been placed for this war time incident, as there were many others in the borough which resulted in the deaths of about 320 people. Will other plaques follow?


Rodney SILK

Hello John,

I have been reading the interesting memories of Walthamstow on the Walthamstow Memories website and wondered if your website could help me with my family research. I am looking for a family who owned a Greengrocers on Wood Street who were there during 1944, 1945 and onwards. From a Kelly's directory, I know there was a Greengrocers run by Harry Purkis in 1956 and two others:

4 Wood Street, Walthamstow - Greengrocers - Charles Laws
50 Wood Street, Walthamstow - Greengrocers - Sidney Brewer or Sidney Brower
142 Wood Street, Walthamstow - Greengrocers - Harry Purkis or Harry Purkiss

The earliest (after 1944) Postal/Kelly's/Pigot/etc records I can find is 1956. I cannot find any directory between 1944 and 1956 probably due to the war.

I am looking for a family, where the Greengrocer was a large burly man and there was a story that sometime during 1945 (possibly 1944) his wife attacked him with a knife and it was reported to the police but he later dropped the charges.

Have you come across any information which relates to my family search? I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


Dear Mary,

Re the Cardo's. This might be a false trail, but I remember the Cardo Hut, a St. John Ambulance Brigade hut at the top of Forest Rd/Waterworks Corner. The hut (First Aid Post) was named, I believe, in memory of a Cardo who I guess was maybe a prominent figure in the local St John Ambulance Brigade. The hut went when they did a huge amount of road works at the Waterworks Corner years ago now.

Hope this little bit of info may be of interest to you and not a false lead.

Kind regards


Dear John,

I has just occurred to me that I should mention in WM the fact that my cousin, who some of your readers might have known, died last August 2014. Eric George SAVILLE of 74 Lancaster Road Walthamstow. He was coming up for 80 and died very suddenly and unexpectedly. I am now a CofE minister, so I buried him in Chingford Mount Cemetery on the 10th Sept 2014. I then brought his little cat home to be with me in Sussex where I now live. She is thriving, I'm glad to say.

Eric had been a lorry driver for many years having worked for Burns in (I think) Somers Rd W'stow. He lived on alone in no. 74 after his parents died.

I used to live in W'stow in 18 Eldon Rd just of the High St. Later on in about 1960 I think, I moved with my parents to Rowden Park Gardens in South Chingford. This meant that I had to get the 'bus to complete my last two years at Wm McGuffie Sec Sch. I left there in 1962 and went to work in W'stow Town Hall which I have to say, I absolutely hated!! I would be interested if anyone remembers Eric or indeed me!! I was a St. John Cadet for a long time and well remember the St.John station in Willow Walk. Alas I believe it was pulled down a long time ago. When I was in W'stow last August I was horrified to see how much it had changed and not for the better in my opinion.

Enough of my ramblings! All the best to everyone.



If you can get hold of a copy of Ross Wilds' 'War over Walthamstow' it should give the info re this incident.


There was a dance studio in East Avenue which is just off of Orford Road, run by a Mr Smith and his son and daughter in law, any connection?


Hi Derek,

This V1 certainly fell at 09:53 on 16th August, which was a Wednesday. I have seen a number of articles which say it fell on a Saturday, and I have never been able to find out for certain why this mistake is so widespread. I have a theory that more people than usual were shopping on this day due to the recent arrival of a food delivery to shops in the area, and that this has resulted in a number of people falsely remembering it as a Saturday. But if anyone has a better theory I would love to hear it.

This V1 was most probably a straggler from a salvo launched in northern France at 09:23 that morning, although it may possibly have been launched shortly afterwards.

Best Regards,

John PRIDIGE, V-Weapon Researcher

Hi Daniel,

Hope all is well. I'm trying to find Malcolm Halsey, a old schoolmate from Sidney Chaplin, Stephen Bulled and me are trying to trace him, he lived in Valognes Avenue, Walthamstow. Can you please include something on the Postbag page when you have a spare(?) moment?



Hi Pat,
My Great Aunt was a dance champion, she also ran a dance studio with her husband in the Orford Rd area. Their names were Ann (Amy) and Jack Huddle. Only have vague memories. But they lived in North Countess Road.


A new blue plaque has been erected where the V1 exploded at the top of the High Street. It states that the bomb fell on Aug 16th. 1944. I am pretty sure that it fell on a Saturday morning, but if you look on a perpetual calendar you will see that 16th. Aug 1944 was a Wednesday. Am I wrong or is the plaque wrong?



Blimey Len I was there from 1961/65 and Miss Townsend was still there then.


Hi Bill,
Thanks for your reply. Look after yourself, and sincerely hope you'll be feeling much better soon.

I'm sure all your fans on the WM website are saying exactly the same as me, but I really do look forward to reading your contributions, which are always interesting and so informative - you truly are 'keeping the memories alive'. WM is a great website, and it's obvious how much time and effort goes into keeping it that way.

Best wishes,

Margaret MILLS

Hello Margaret,
Thank you for your good wishes, I'm not fit yet, but hopefully getting there.

Best regards,


Hello Kel,
The sisters were Patricia (Born 1950) and Linda (Born 1949) Linda had a twin brother named Richard, who died not long after birth.

Linda married John Ochiltree. According to (Pay per view site), Linda was living in E17 between 2002/15. There was/is also a Tom Ochilotree at the same address. You can get the address by accessing the pay per view site.

Good luck,


Hello Brian,
If you go to the ‘Schooldays’ section of the ‘Walthamstow Memories’ site you will find a brief biography of Sidney Chaplin together with a picture of him and the school.

I would very much like to see any pictures that you may have of him,



As a regular visitor to the site, I just wanted to hope Bill Bayliss is feeling much better now. I'm looking forward to many more interesting posts from you in the future, Bill. Get well soon.

Margaret MILLS

8 Aug 2015 - SITE NEWS

Dear Friends & Visitors,

I've made it: all emails received are now posted! Thank you all for all your messages and for the patience in seeing them appear in the Postbag.

Our big "WELCOME BACK" to Bill Bayliss, who has been in hospital twice, but is now safely home.

Enjoy browsing your site & kindest regards

Daniel J Quinn,
Co-Editor, Walthamstow Memories

I’m back out of hospital again (The second time in a month!) and starting to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully I will be able to resume my flow of Walthamstow related articles and I would like to thank sincerely all those who have wished me well.


From Daniel: Thank you, Bill, for the exceptional effort in providing this site with your articles! We are all happy that you're back in your "pilot's seat"! Take care!

Thank you so much for posting this picture.

Our Mum and her family all came from Blenheim Road. They were probably all in this picture. They lived there for many years. Mum's name was Josette Luton, she had just one sister at the time - Dorothy known as Dolly. She had another sister later on called Ann.

Our Grandparents were Ted and Sophie Luton and they lived with Sophie's mother and brother - Bert (and his wife Lu) they were Stocks.

On the opposite side of the road were Joan and Jim Short and their family.

I am so happy to have found this!

Many thanks

Therese GRANT

Dear Mr Everett,
I have been carrying out research in the Edmonton N.18 area where my Grandfather Tommy Hill 1868 (?) - 1932 used to live. I have attached a photo (one of the few I have of my Grandfather), on a day out.

I have been intrigued by the similarity to your photo. For a while I thought it may even be the same Charabanc, but I have now seen slight differences. But they certainly are very similar! Same company perhaps?

In the original copy of my photo, I have been able to establish that the photo was taken outside the 'Crown & Anchor' Pub in Fore Street, Edmonton N.18

(Click on image to enlarge)

Like your photo, all the men seem to be wearing rosettes. Could they all be going to the same place? That would be quite remarkable!

I don't know a lot more about this photo but I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the similarity of the two photos.


P.S - Where is the 'Flower Pot Inn'?


Hello Daniel,

I have recently discovered a new establishment in Walthamstow that I think would be of interest to anyone who likes the 'proper' old fashioned type of tearoom, with white tablecloths, fine china, '30s decor and furnishing, and period music playing softly in the background.

Hillman's Tearoom is in the Georgian Village, 100 Wood Street, and is a very pleasant little backwater, ideal for afternoon tea, etc.

I have no connection, other than as a satisfied customer.



Hope you are now recovered Bill.


Regarding the photographs of Markhouse Road school that were recently published I would be delighted to hear from anyone depicted therein, or to answer questions about anything about the school during that era.


Please give Bill Bayliss our best wishes for a speedy recovery, I almost missed this notice about Bill being in hospital, but the bad news is on other Walthamstow group sites too, so please tell Bill that there are many friends out here all over the world who are missing his frequent posts.


Please tell Bill that we are thinking of him, Hope he gets better soon.

Louise ADIE, (Walthamstow Times)

Hi, I am looking for pictures of the original High House in Chingford Road before the flats were built, if you have any I would be very grateful.

Thank you,


Dear Daniel,

Thanks for your interest, and a prompt reply. The attached pic is not top quality. I'll look for the original 1940s print and send a copy. Watching football at present and we are expecting old friends from East Barnet for dinner so bit tied up till later.

(Click on image to enlarge)



Dear Daniel,

My mother, Doris May WARD 1910-1983 was a cousin of Sidney Nelson CHAPLIN, Mayor of Walthamstow 1946-1947 on your list. However, I have all the family history notes spelling his name as I do here, whereas your list spells it "CHAPLAIN".

I have a photograph of Sidney with my grandfather on the occasion of the reopening of the Dog Track after the war. Would you like a copy? I also found a nice photo of him when he was younger uploaded to another researcher's family tree on


From Daniel: Thank you Brian, I have corrected the spelling on all relevant pages of the site.

JULY MAILS [Top of Page]

I am looking for my Natural Father. I was born in March 1960 so guess I was concieved in the summer of 1959. My mother was Georgina Field, had a sister called Rita and another called Carole both younger. Unfortunantely, Mother has died so I have unanswered questions to be answered.

She says my Father was John Peck, but he denies this, so I'm still looking. I would like to hear from anyone who may have a idea or some answers, good or bad. I just need to know who I am. I'm not wanting to hurt anyone or upset any Families; I just need to know who I am, even if it is a result of a rape, which was another rumour.

My Maternal Grandmother didn't want to know, so I assume I brought disgrace to the family.

Please help me how ever small the memory it just might be my missing piece.

Thank you


Hello - I've just been looking at this site and the lost street names. Very interesting and very useful, since I was looking for Clarkson Street in Walthamstow shown on a census return.

I see that you have post code E18 as Wanstead. It is in fact Woodford, and Wanstead and Leytonstone are E11.

Incidentally, although I live in Wanstead, my post code on the Aldersbrook Estate is E12.


Brenda KEER

Hi Daniel,
Sorry to bother you not sure if you will be able to help as I've noticed you haven't been on your web site for a while now, well I've found a picture in my late father in laws house of a family shop his parents or grand parents owned in East London. He was born in Walthamstow so we are only assuming that's where the business was we have no information on it apart from what it was called and what they sold which was its either E Godfrey and sons or L Godfrey and sons it's not a very clear black and white photo and it was a fresh fish shop, so if you have any info on this shop at all it would be extremely helpful, hope this email finds you well. Many thanks

Kind regards


I went to Gamuel Road Infants and Juniors school from about 1953 onwards. The teachers I remember were Mrs Burrows, Miss Samuels, who married and became Mrs Liste and Miss Simpson who I think was the Headmistress. In the Juniors there was Miss Booth, Mr James, Mr Russell, Mr Palmer, Mr Charles (headmaster)... and a few more I cannot remember.

One memory I have is celebrating the coronation. The school put on a party, and we all went in fancy dress. I went as Mrs Mop, and my elder brother went as a tramp, my younger brother... just 3 years old, went as a jockey. At that time we lived in a shop in Boundary Road.

There's one thing that has bugged me for years and years: I used to persecute the daylights out of two little girls whose surname was Mc Cready. I think one was Pat and I can't remember the other. They lived near an alleyway opposite a corner shop. The thing is over the years I have suffered various amounts of ridicule and persecution myself and I know how it feels: I would love to meet them and personally apologise, but that may not be possible, so... well, if they read this... I'm sorry for making your lives a misery!

Best wishes


I and my brother attended Warwick in the 50s. I was there between 1958 to 1962 and my brother was 1956 to 1960. The headmaster at the time was Mr Maxwell and I remember teachers such as Mr Hunter, Mr James, Mr Shepherd and the teacher in one of the photos is Mr Lovelock, the music teacher. I played in the football and the cricket team for my year and seemed to be over Salisbury Hall sports field a lot of the time. Dave Chaplin was my woodwork teacher and what he taught me has carried me a lot through life as I became a Floor Spring Mechanic repairing all sorts of doors. My name is Edwin Trott and my brother is Keith.



The name of that factory was "Fairy Glenn" - my mother did work for them as well.


I went to Greenleaf Infants I think about 1957. I was born 1952 and my name was Marcia Rose.
I then went to Greenleaf Juniors from there to Winns Ave, William Fitt.
I can't find anything with those years hope you can help.

Marcia BLEE

I was the founder member of a boys football club in the late sixties and early seventies.
I would love to here from anybody that played for CELTIC RANGERS BOYS FOOTBALL CLUB.
We played in the Walthamstow Sunday League.


Hi Daniel,

I was going through some old photos and came across this one which is a copy of a Guardian article some years ago. My Dad (Bill Johnson) is seated front row far left in the white sash (he was a drummer). He had joined the Navy when called up but was thrown out some months later when they realised he only had one good eye - the other one had been badly damaged in a catapult accident when he was about 13.

(Click on image to enlarge)



I was interested to see in your table A a name "A Green" of Markhouse Road, and I ask if you have any further information on him as I am searching my family tree on which there is an Albert Green of this area. His father was a Thomas Charles William Green.

Look forward to your reply.



I was born at Thorpe Coombe in July 1956. I would like to trace any records of my birth from that time. My mother was unmarried and after she married in 1960, I was adopted by my step father. Can you tell me if any records survive from that time and if so, how to access them.

Thank you


I was there from 1947 to 1949. Mr Dobson, I remember well, as I do R. Nelson, art teacher, and Mr (mad) Thomson, metal work. Mr Green, 1a, Mr Baker 2a and Mr Watts, who kept a short cane in a bucket of water. I remember one day, during desk inspection, some boys had a handlers chart, under scores were made level by Mr Watts!

Mr Smith was Headmaster. I wonder how many boys are still around from Class 3a? See pic of Jan 17 of class 2a with Mr Green.

Bernard HOWARD

Just thought I would try this one from my phone. This is a photo from William McGuffie before we went to William Morris think we might have been the first to go over after the changes.

(Click on image to enlarge)

I am in the second row from the back third on the left, I can remember a Tony Bishop and Patrick White. I remember a very talented art teacher and Mrs Butterworth, the head, who I think had quite a big family. The rest I will send over by post.

Kind regards


Hi Daniel,

I have just been surfing the WM website and I see that there are a few gaps in photos for my old school Markhouse Road, so here are the ones I have on file plus a leaving letter for me from my form mistress Miss Townsend, I still have the letter in my reference files.

Markhouse Rd. - 1948 (Click on image to enlarge)

Markhouse Rd. - Teachers - 1949 (Click on image to enlarge)

Markhouse Rd. - 1949 (Click on image to enlarge)

Markhouse Rd. - 1950 (Click on image to enlarge)

Markhouse Rd. - Thames Trip 1951 (Click on image to enlarge)

Markhouse Rd. - Dance at Gamuel 1953 (Click on image to enlarge)

Markhouse Rd. - Brussels 1954 (Click on image to enlarge)

Markhouse Rd. - Letter 1952


My dad (Bill) has asked me to say sorry to anyone who has tried to message him. He is currently unwell and can't use his PC. (He is in hospital). Once he is better he will get to his messages. He wanted me to get something posted on sites he regularly contributes to and gets private messages from.

I wondered if you could post something. I couldnt figure out the best place to do it.

Many thanks


I remember them playing at the Common Gate


JUNE MAILS [Top of Page]

Hi John,

As I have a lot of family history in Walthamstow I'm delighted you are building this great resource.

My grandfather, Frederick Henry Gillett along with his brother Walter (who later became a Labour Mayor in the borough) started the family printing and stationery business, Gillett Bros Ltd. in Hoe Street in 1897 then later moved to the top of Jewel Road (the building is still there built by my grandfather and now a friends meeting house).

My father Douglas and his brother and sister took over the business I believe at the end of the war. Sadly for financial reasons they sold the factory and moved the business in 1971 to Romford as well as changing the name.

My dad was born in Cairo Road in 1915, but sadly died in 1973 aged 58.

I'd like it if you could add our business to the directory.

Kind regards


My Mum and her 4 sisters were born in 56 Badlis Road to William John Price and Mabel Price (formally Dainty) and my Mum Millicent (who married George Crosby) ran the wallpaper shop opposite Bonners fruit and veg stall in Walthamstow market. I lived at 17 Colebrook Road with my parents and went to William McGuffie and I think might have been one of the first to go over to William Morris.

Enjoy your break on the coast, if you wish send over your address as I have copies on the Coronation programme.



Hi Daniel, trying to find out anything about the cafe that was next door to the old Blackhorse Road station, we used to go there late 50s they had a group upstairs, don't mean the one on the other corner by Forest road. Nobody seems to remember it..thank you



Can you help me to obtain any information of my late father and his wife and children who I never knew and I was given to adoption in 1926.

He was Thomas Charles William Green, either a piano maker Journeyman/carman, of 96 Longfellow Road in 1921/1932.
Born 25/10/1882...Died 1950 Hackney London
This is for a family tree I am compiling.


Hi Daniel, I have a lovely old photograph of young children, all dressed the same, in bobble hats. They are in a large pram displaying that they come from Hutchison House Babies Home.

As I believe, through research this was in your area from the 1920's, I understand it was taken over by the council in the 1940's. The picture looks really sad to our eyes now, although I suppose at the time such scenes were commonplace. I thought you may be interested in the photograph? [See it here]

Kind regards,

Veronica WATERS

Hi Daniel,

thanks for posting my message, hopefully I might get a result from someone out there. May I just say how much I enjoy Walthamstow Memories.


Hi I am looking for some members of a band called TINTED ASPEX that were around in late 60s early 70s:
Terry Rance
Charlie Brennen
Eddie Hoare
Robert Mitchell or Rooke
I am the daughter of the 5th band member Martin Hopwood. Please, if anyone can help?


Hi Eve,

the Chez club I remember from approx 1968/70, was held in the now defunct Chesnuts pub in Lea Bridge Rd W'stow E17. My friends and I went there most weeks to see bands such as: Mandrake Paddle Steamer/ Vandergraft Generator / Sam Apple Pie / Audience / Family / Savoy Brown / Slowbone etc !!!! All part of the club circuit in and around W'stow E17. Other clubs being : the Greyhound, Lea Bridge Rd/ Bottleneck Blues club, Stratford / Horse & Cart , Stratford / Red Lion, Leytonstone etc. Hope this helps!


Hi Daniel,

this picture is of my Mum who was born in Badlis Road on the 15th Jan 1920 to William and Mabel Price. She was one of 13 and they moved to 151 Whipps Cross Road and when my Grandmother died he married his house keeper and ran a boarding house.

... and this is a copy of the programme for the Coronation. My Mum would have been expecting me at the time, I would have loved to have been there she must have had an amazing time!


Hi Barry,

I am the Billy Fitzgerald in the picture! Can't believe that photo still exists after all this time! I remember Nicholson road well, if you fell over while you were running around you were picking stones out of your elbows for days! Do you remember the high wall with the spikes on it at the end of the road? I fell while I was walking on it and impaled my arm on a rusty spike! Still got a small scar! I lived at 6, Nicholson Road until I was eleven, by which time I had a baby brother Chris. We moved to St Mary Road opposite Walthamstow Central. Hope you're well, thank you for the memory.


Hi Barry.

It just dawned on me that I'd never seen a picture of the road I was born in. So I googled it and saw your photos. You might guess by the name that I'm Billy Fitzgerald's younger brother. I was born in number 6 in February 1969 and we moved out a few months later to St Mary's Road, where we lived for the next 20 years. I recognised my brother straight away without even reading the text. Haha.

Great photos mate. I finally know where I was born. Thank you.


17 Jun 2015 - SITE NEWS

Dear Friends & Visitors,

I'm away from home, so the WM site is currently being updated using my (slow) laptop pc. Editing the current Postbag (who's size is already grown to the whole last year's Postbag!) has become quite a time-crunching/beard-growing effort. So I've split the 2015 Postbag in two parts. From a visitor's point of view this should not cause problems, but it indeed helps me! However, do report if you find that this system does not work properly. Just for curiosity: 466 emails in 2014, 404 emails up to June 2015...

Our thanks to the many - and increasing - contributors. One of the latest, Steve Jonhson, has sent in a rather large addition to the McEntee School's Pupils List - worth looking up if you can spot someone you know, or can yourself provide further info.

Enjoy browsing your site & kindest regards

Daniel J Quinn,
Co-Editor, Walthamstow Memories

Hi Daniel,

I was going through some old papers recently and came across a fairly comprehensive list of McEntee pupils who all started there in 1966 ( which makes us all 60 now!). Can I ask you to add them to the pupil list as it may jog a few more people's memories.

Jennifer Best, Hilary Bond, Veronica Breed, Maureen Brett, Lynn Clark, Kathryn Cook, Diane Crocket, Jacqueline Davies, Kathleen Davis, Gillian Dawson, Janice Edwards, Jacqueline Feltham, Christine Frisby, Anne Froud, Christine Ferguson, Christine Fulbrook, Christine Hammersten, Mary Henderson, Wendy Hiller, Mary Hurst, Margaret Jackson, Sally Jones, Susan Kay, Joyce Kimber, Susan Grice, Pamela Leonard, Susan Long, Patricia Milne, Georgina Mowbray, Gillian Nelson, Christine Nicholls, Dina Osborne, Jeanette Perrott, Christine Reeves, Jacqueline Smith, Yvonne Smith, Angela Stevens, Nancy Towler, Elaine Ward, Glynis Wastell, Andrea Wiles, Dawn Williams, Gillian Winter, Christine Woodward, Theresa Wootton, Maureen Young.

Boys Robert Allitt, Martin Anderson, Graham Atkins, David Bamber, Steven Blackwell, Howard Blair, David Butcher, Raymond Castle, Ronald Chapel, Dexter Coles, Tony Cooke, Roy Coombe, Robin Defoe, Nigel Barrett, John Dunham, John Edwards, Barry Forrester, Mark Garbutt, Tony Gilbert, Patrick Gill, David Glass, Ian Handley, Keith Hawks, Steven Hardcastle, David Harrison, Steven Heasman, Stuart Heasman, Geoffrey Hunt, Philip Else, Tony Driver, Roger Ingram, Trevor Ingrave, Eric Jackson, Ian Kirby, Philip Looker, John Mace, Stephen Malme, Kenny Mason, Paul Masse, Michael McSweeney, Stephen Moore, Tony Morse, Richard Nagle, John Nickelson, Stephen Padbury, Stephen Pearce, Ian Hill, Stephen Johnson, Michael Pitcher, Alan Pratt, Stephen Reynolds, Tony Richards, Alan Skinner, Jeremy Staley, Ronald Stringer, Kevin Taylor, Terry Tatham, Colin Wickers, David Warby, Stephen Wedge, Peter Williams, Stephen Young, Gary Vaughan, Inderjeet Singh.

This list was put together by several people back in the late 80's to enable a re-union to be organised so may not be complete, or have accurate name spellings.

Best Wishes, and many thanks for all you do on this site



This snap (below) dates from the mid/late 1960's, I think.
The gentlemen are obviously out on a 'beano'. By the looks of their collective conditions, the serious drinking hadn't yet begun. I've identified lads 1, 3 and 4 but I'm not certain about number two.
If any of our many WM friends can put names to the rest of these faces, I'd love to read 'em.

(Clic on image to enlarge)

Number 1 is my dad - Frank Ryder.
Number 2 is named Riches, I think. I don't know his first name. If he's the fellow that I'm thinking of, he lived in Woodville Road (off of Buxton). He had a son named Terry.
Number 3 is my uncle Percy from Carr Road.
Number 4 is Jackie Hall. He was a family friend who lived in Gosport Road and later, Hale End Road./p>

Any positive ID's will be greatly received; and not made known to the local constabulary!!
Cin, cin!


Hello Daniel

I have two interest in Tottenham.

The first being that my Great grandparents and their respective children lived in Tottenham from 1883 to around 1930 hence I am interested in finding out more about this area during that period. Secondly I would like to find photographs of Tenterden Road before it was redeveloped, secondly I wish to trace Churches in Tottenham in which my ancestors were married.

Secondly, from 1967 to 1980 I worked for Lorrileux & Bolton a large Printing Ink Manufacturing company based in Ashley Road Tottenham. Whilst I know they moved from Tottenham to Harlow some years later I would love to get in touch with any person who also worked for this company.


From Daniel: Although this email concerns Tottenham and not Walthamstow, I thought that perhaps some of our visitors might be able to give some feedback to Alan.

Hi!! I wonder if there is anyone out there who can help me. I'm Trying to trace a friend from the 1960's, his name is Charlie Stevens he was born, I think, in Chatham Kent in 1945. He and his family moved to Billet Road Walthamstow sometime in the late 50's. Charlie and I had a mutual interest in motorbikes and used to go to the Calypso coffee bar in Woodford. As far as I know Charlie had two sisters, twins I believe. He left Walthamstow circa 1967 when he married a Girl from Loughton, her name was Donna Blandon.

If anyone has any information that might help me to find Charlie I would much appreciate it.


Donny & Ronny Penny - a wild pair. My first recollection of them was with the Young Braves at Maynard Road School. They had been fighting using snooker cues, or perhaps that's just a myth.

There was a sister too I think, Joan maybe, a friend of Ann Burkin.

Steve READ

Hello, I posted a question on the London in the 60's and 70's page on Facebook, and the reply I received was this: "Maybe try asking Keith Nichols? He writes about going there and various bands he saw at "

The question I posed was that since the late 1950's I have keep a detailed journal of all the live music I ever saw; however, I have an entry for the Chez Club in Woodford Green from 8th June, 1971, but no band listed.

I am hoping that Keith Nichols or someone on your staff has or can find the information. I'm well aware that Woodford Green isn't right next to Walthamstow, but I thought I'd try. By the way, I lived in Walthamstow from 1961 until 1970.

Thank you in advance. Peace!


I was a pupil at George Gascoigne Sec Mod, from 1961 to 1965. I didn't realise the school ended approx 1966, until a visit to my old haunts, revealed i believe it bacame a Teacher training college, or the like.

I remember teachers like : Taffy Dixon ( Head Master ) Mr Hughes P.E. * Mr Acres ART * Mr Gorman R.E. * Miss Wright ENGLISH & NETBALL ( Coach )* Mr Scott SCIENCE * & 2 x Miss Williams GEOGRAPHY etc. My old class room was in C " hall, and i think our form teacher was Mr Hunt, but im not certain ? Some of my old class mates were as follows, over the time and years i was there i.e. Ian Miller/ Jim Burkett/ John Martini/ Alan Shaw/Brian Russell/ Graham Walker/ Peter Henderson/Roy Lawson/Danny Scotland/ Susan Stiff/ Carol White/ Jackie White/Janet Wilson/Janice May/Christine Bray/ Brenda ?/ Albert Shaddock /Peter Vella ,.etc !!!!

My name is Kevin Turner, and would like to know if anyone of that era, is still living in the Walthamstow area, or moved away, and life has treated them well. If so drop me an email!

Kind regards,


Hello Daniel,

Have you ever wondered what will happen when you fall off your perch to all your email friends. Will they just wonder if you have passed away or maybe your computer has broken down etc. or maybe something else has happened. Sadly the former case is happening all too often with my peers in this part of the world.

This happened a few months ago when my emails form Perth in Western Australia were getting returned from an address in Idaho in the USA to a friend named Ashlea Simpson, who also happens to be an ex-pat Stowie and a member of my animal friends group.

Well it appears that, by using the Walthamstow Memories website as a common denominator, Ashlea has been reconnected to me. She had not passed away, but had only moved her home to another part of the USA and had lost all her contacts.

So there you are another way of using the Walthamstow Memories website that you should be aware of as it is all good.


From Daniel: Dear Len, I’m ever so happy that you ‘reconnected’ to Ashlea thanks to the WM site!

I raised the subject of “Digital Legacy” on WM three years ago [Here].

It was referenced in one of my “Latest news (Obsolete mails)” messages, but perhaps I should include the page on the menu and make it more accessible.

I had Mr Dobson for wood work. Making a ship must have been his project for my class – I’ve got mine in the shed, unfortunately, minus the sails.

Were you in Mr Watt’s class, Robert? I can remember two Bobs at that time. I was at the school same time as yourself.



Although this rather long piece is about a now defunct Chingford cinema. It could be about any cinema in the UK that showed Saturday Morning Pictures. I hadn’t realized until I was writing this piece (The Chingford Odeon) how much of my childhood activities were derived from my attendance at the Saturday morning pictures and although I grew up in Islington, how much of my experiences were shared by children throughout the UK. I made bows and arrows to play Robin Hood and his merry men and I had a percussion cap pistol to play at cowboys and Indians./p>

While I sat in the Rink (Gaumont-British) operated cinema in Finsbury Park and sang along with the bouncing ball that followed the words of a song projected on the large screen, hissed and booed the villains, cheered the heroes in their fight against evil, shouted when the film reel broke down, helped my mates to ‘bunk in’ through the emergency exit door; I had no idea at all that my experience was being shared by children going to the pictures at the Walthamstow Granada and the Chingford Odeon.

What I do know from the amount of reminiscences there are on the local social media and other sites, is how fondly very many people remember their childhood cinema experiences and this is for them.


Hi, my father-in-law was in amateur dramatics at the Buxton road club in the 40's - 50's: Mr Reginald Spencer. Also my wife informs me she sang on the stage there as well, entertaining the old folk when she was about seven years old.


Ray Penny lived in Eden road, I was friends with his younger brothers, the twins, Don and Ron. Derek gets on this website, I think he now goes under the name of Derek Greening-Brown, I believe he is related to Jean Brown the dress maker. Derek worked in the electrical repair shop at the corner of Eden and Orford, opposite corner to Frank Ison, I lived above and behind that shop.


Hi Daniel

my Mum was born in Badlis Road and I have her birth certificate, picture of Low Hall Farm Nursery, picture of school photo at William McGuffie (slightly weird looking) and pictures of St Edmunds Church in Leytonstone will try and get them scanned. I used to have pictures of Colebrook Road where we lived and also William Morris School so will try and dig them out.


Hi Daniel,

work began on the old Post/Sorting office in Vestry Road about five or six weeks ago. This is the situation to date:

As you can see, only the façade remains. (This was always part of the plan.) A close look through the windows reveals that all of the internal, rear and side walls have gone.

I'll post again as the work progresses.


I Remember the club, but more I remember Dave Sturgess (on left in middle photo), remember his lovely Salad stall outside the Cock Tavern and the equally lovely Kenny's Fruit stall opposite (Ken and Joy friends of my family - Ken sadly died)


Someone sent me a link to your website and I remember both of the Swimming pools, I think that the Walthamstow one did smell a bit and this is where my Dad taught me to swim I might still have my silver life saving badge and brooch !! I lived with my parents in Colebrook Road, which had a cinema at the end of the Road which I think is a bus station now. I drove up about 8 years ago and walked the High Street seem to remember Bonners fruit and veg stall. I have pictures some where of Lloyds Park where my Mum took me as a toddler I will try and find them. Needless to say that is many years ago !!


Hello Paul, I lived in Parkhurst Rd, and we used to get our fish and chips from you on a Friday -wonderful. But what I remember more was, in the late 50's early 60's when I started work; every month when I got paid, I took my brother Derek to the sweet shop and I bought 1/4 buttered Brazil's for Mum - 1/4 Everton mints for Dad and gave my brother half a crown to buy whatever he liked (the half crown had to last a month) - I took home £16 a month, Mum had £4 for my keep, the season ticket was £3.2s6d, then there was evening classes, Sunday night social at Walthamstow Avenue football club, shorthand lessons to mention a few things. Not a lot left over to last me the month! Started work at £195 per annum plus 17/6 luncheon vouchers in the city. Hope I haven't rambled on too much, Go well, thanks for the memory,


Dear Daniel

Very many thanks. To my surprise after all these years have already had 500 hits including a couple of really good friends I lost touch with over forty years ago.

And I have very much enjoyed trawling through your own web site. It is easy to use, interesting and very well laid out.

Kind regards


I Have been trying to locate a Derek Greening for sometime who lived on Orford Road in the 50s. I am the same age as you and went to the same schools. Just wondered if you are the same Derek Greening I'm looking for. We used to hang out with Ray Penny, Les Blackwell, Bernie Green, and Larry Moffat. Ray and Les lived on Orford Road Ken Britton worked at CR electronics on the corner of Eden Road and Orford Road. Would like to catch up on old times. 60 years ago.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for getting back so soon.

I'm searching for old friends that I grew up with Ken Britton, Ray Penny, Les Blackwell, Larry and Frank Moffat, Bernie Green. Ray Les Larry and Frank lived on Eden Rd. Derek Greening lived on Orford rd.

I left for Canada in 55 and often think and wonder where the boys are now. I was born in 1935 so hope I can connect with someone...

With best regards Daniel many thanks for your help.


Hello Barry,

I've just read your item dated 24th December last (following a tip-off from Dave Hammond). It would be great to catch-up and share some wonderful memories of those Walthamstow Rangers FC days and our personal friendship. I've just sent a note to Dick Raymond on his new WRFC website.

Please send me a personal note with your contact details.

And to Daniel - my sincere thanks to you for this fantastic website. You picked-up on a brief note I placed some years back on my Walthamstow 'prefab. boy' (Cornwallis Road) backround and asked me to share some memories - Partial retirement should allow me some time to do just that!

Kind regards to you both,


What Paul doesn’t tell us is what was involved in shifting 1 ton of chips in three days. It meant that 20 x 1cwt bags (each nearly 51 grams in weight) had to be put through a peeler (A machine like a cement mixer). Then through a chipper, carried to the fryer, then fried and served. Effectively handling them at least 5 times which equals 5 tons! As well as this he would have been cleaning, filleting. portioning, frying and serving the fish.

Respects Paul from someone who was doing the same thing six days a week in the High Street,


I have written this short piece to accompany the pictures of the Buxton Club that Louise Ridgwell of the Walthamstow Times Facebook site has kindly donated:

(Courtesy of Louise Ridgwell)

The Buxton Social Club

The Buxton Social Club at 112F High Street, Walthamstow is one of just a few Workingman’s Clubs still left in Waltham Forest.

The club has always been popular with Walthamstow residents and has a justified good reputation for the quality of its entertainment and in the past the Club fielded its own football team. In the 1930’sit was such a popular venue that the St John’s Ambulance Association operated asub station at the property.

It was first opened as the Walthamstow Liberal & District Club, 130 years ago in 1885 and was at 4, Buxton Road. Due to redevelopment, it was forced to re-locate in 1982 and is now accessed via a small alleyway between Fish Brothers and Sainsbury’s.

On entry, members can turn left to the lift or climb a staircase to access the spacious club that has an open area for dancing, a small stage for bands, the bar, and a room for pool, TV and darts. The club is only open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and about 80 or so people use the club on a a Saturday night and are entertained by a variety of different acts.

Walthamstow Memories correspondent, Sylvie Baigent nee Bass remembers:

“My parents used to go to the Buxton Working Mens Club in Buxton Road regularly and I believe at one time my Dad was on their Committee. I remember the Palace and going to see pantomimes while sitting in the "ashtrays" upstairs. You got a really good view from up there. Manzies Pie and Mash Shop was the place to be after Saturday morning pictures, which cost us a whole sixpence, and if it was busy you could watch the man cut up the live eels for people to take home and cook themselves. It wasn't until I was in my teens that I tried jellied eels and found them to taste really good. My mouth waters !!!!!!”


Hi Daniel,

I've written a short article on Mickey Oates, a boxer from Walthamstow: [read it here]


Mr Dobson was the wood work teacher. I was there 1944 to 48. On the front desk/worktop Mr Dobson had a ship which he was building. One thing I remember was you could not make anything until a drawing was done with relevent sizes and materials. My mother had a toasting fork with brass ferules etc and a mahogany tea tray which I made in his class and others which I cannot remember what happened to them


Robert ELLIS

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