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Dear Friends, Followers & occasional Visitors,

  The Postbag will shortly be updated, but in the meantime there are good news for the "Walthamstow Finest" project: our friend Dave Hughes has put a remarkable effort in creating both this CD and the event, and I hope you will attend and, possibly, also buy copies of the CD for yourself and your friends. You will own a rare collection of music from local artists, and at the same time you will support a good cause!
See the Highlights Section below.

  As always, any comments and suggestions from you are most welcome but don't forget to share your memories and pictures!

  Enjoy browsing your site & kindest regards

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The CD, 'Waltham Forest's Finest' is now a reality and a CD launch will be on Sunday 16th June.
Waltham Forest musicians included on the cd will be: The Beaucrees, Bare Bones, Indigo, The Starts, Siskin Brace, Russ Chandler, Dunav and John Arthur.
At the moment there is still space for another two artists. If you are interested in knowing more please give me a ring 07766964 or email me at
I have know completed the set of four charity CDs, if interested get in touch.



Hi, I just found this website and have many questions but I start with anybody remembering Boundary Road Estate in the 1970's. We lived in James Dixon Towers and I went to school in the old Thomas Gamuel were the older part of the school played in the back end of queens road park before it was all knocked down and rebuilt and made Kemlscott school. I've been to Vestry road and the guy in charge of photos also could not find any reference to the estate. I have this address on my birth cert and my brother was actually born in our 18th tower flat.
I think it was 1977 - an aircraft flown between Walter Saville and James Dixon towers, thinking about it now it is amazing how the blocks never fell down but they shook!!! I looked though family photos and can't find any. In the tower blocks on the podium their used to be children's and dance clubs.
Another year there was a march by the bmp (even back then) A, all of the area of Bakers Arms and Hoe St was boarded up and they walked down Boundary road into Markhouse Road. We were at school, teachers told us locals to run home and an helicopter was above.
There was another incident that terrified many of us when a young man fell from the 12th fall on Walter Saville on to the podium, Can anyone remember the good and the bad.....


This reply is a bit late to be putting out to you, but I felt the need to contact you. I went to Warwick Girls in 1982 and left to go on to Walthamstow girls schools but everywhere I search for the Warwick Girls school seems to have disappeared. If you recently visited or not, It is now called St Marys primary school where they use the whole building (at least no more houses built on it).
It's hard to trace records. Back then (I'm not sure about you) but there was no canteen in Warwick girls School, so we had to use the Warwick boys canteen, but they had their dinner first and then we had to walk in via the back alley in the other road (Chestnut Ave?) but we were not allowed to talk to the boys and were kept away.
Sorry to contact you if you didn't want it but thought you might like to though.
Kind regards


Hi Daniel. I am hoping that you may be able to help,I wasn't sure where to start.
Friday August 12th 1949 my family made the front page news of The Guardian as Largest family locally. We were celebrating my brother Jack's 21st birthday and it was the first time we had ever all been together as a family.
I came to Australia with my husband and children in 1965 and some of my family members and parents followed later. There are four of us survived in Australia and still have five siblings in England (not to mention numerous off spring).
I am really writing because I only have a very faded photo copy of that page, and would like to try and get a clearer copy for a book I'm putting together for my grand/great grandchildren, Can you help ?

Pauline BENNETT (née ALGAR)

My name is Mick George and I recently saw a message from Dave White who was the original lead guitarist with The Beat Syndicate - I would love to make contact with Dave as we haven't seen each other or talked since 1962 when he left the band - Can you Help???


Mr.Buntingford was the headmaster at Andrews Road when I attended. 1952 to 1955 . I lived in Worcester Road and my parents then moved out to Hayes Middlesex by Heathrow as I recall a Miss Peterkin was the headmistress of the infants school I was 10 years old in 55 when we moved.


Hello, thank you for this lovely website.
My parents Terence Sweeting and Jacquelyn née Hutchin grew up in the Walthamstow Highams Park, Buckhurst Hill area. Dad went to school at Handsworth Avenue and Selwyn Ave, and Leyton County High, Mum's Dad ran the Fernbank Garage in Buckhurst Hill. Her senior school was George Gascoigne School. I have a few pictures and recollections from them if you would like them.

Rosalyn LA FEVRE

From Daniel: Many thanks Roz: I always welcome pictures that visitors & followers are willing to share!

Hi Derek
I have just read your email to Walthamstow memories. Your name rings a bell I went to Chapel End and left in 1959 I'm sure we were in the same class. My name is Jean Matthew (Compton as was). I don't have any class photos much to my regret. I lived in Spruce Hill Road, Walthamstow, my best friends were Teresa Turner and Ruth Sawyer. I think Mr Burton was the head when I left and Miss Hewitt rings a bell too. So so long ago its difficult to remember. Sounds like you have a good life in SA. Hope you are well
Kind Regards


Can anyone help? I am producing a CD later in the year called, 'Waltham Forest's Finest' and would love to include Sam Apple Pie.
Does anyone know how I can contact Sam Sampson or anyone else from the band to ask permission to include a track of theirs?
I can be contacted at or by phone 07766 964 420.
Thank you.


Don't know if this is still relevant, but the 1939 register shows a Walter J Humphrey (Café Proprietor) born 11/11/1872 married to Ellen born 3/9/1881 living at 14 Cleveland Park Crescent, Wanstead and Woodford.
However can't see evidence of the marriage on Ancestry.
Hope this may help


Hi there, just saw your post re William Elliot school at the top of higham hill Rd. I used to know the place as The Elliot youth club and we used to play football on the sloping pitch at the rear.i went to St. Andrews junior school but my uncle Chris Harrington who is 10 years older than me and went to William Elliot as a junior would have been 10 in 1956 as he was born in 1946. Just wondering if he was one of your class mates?



My father in law was in Walthamstow Home Guard. Do you know what their arm patch number was?


Hello Ray,
I was there about 1952 for a year before I transferred to SW Essex Tec in Forest Road and remember Mr Acres and Mr Harris. I can visualise the faces of the wood work teacher and the metal work teacher but not their names unfortunately. I also joined the Job (City) 1955 to 1988 then became a Knowledge of London Examiner then a black cab driver before I finally retired. Walthamstow, or whatever it's called now has changed as I expect... Folly Lane.


Daniel, I was one of the original pupils of McEntee, which was originally South West Essex Tec. I left in 1958. It was a very forward thinking school at that time.

David ROWE

Hiya. I'm the head teacher of Low Hall and Church Hill Nursery Schools in Walthamstow. I tried to email Daniel but it says the email address is no longer working. Low Hall is 90 this year and I would like to contact ex pupils to create some memories of the place. Is this something your site could assist me with? I also have some historical photos from the opening and 1935. You would be welcome to use them.
Warm regards


The Mr Bunting I knew was a teacher at William McGuffey school


What block did you live in Alan? I lived in P block, next to the double block.
My name is Brian Slawson and I went to Roger Ascham and completed my schooling at William E Whittingham under Headmaster Bill Acres.


Dear Daniel,
My name is Jorg and I am the co-owner of a new Caribbean restaurant in Walthamstow called Rhythm Kitchen. We are based at 257 Hoe Street
My partner Delroy (a local lad) and I are looking to engage with local groups and I came across your webpage of Walthamstow Memories. Your site resonated with us on several levels. As you can see from the picture attached we are exhibiting images and memories from the British Caribbean community in our restaurant. The whole concept is to show pride in the life and culture of the Windrush generation and its children like Delroy. Never let those memories fade...

rhythm kitchen at walthamstow

On the other side, I am the founding trustee of a charity called My Life Films and we help people living with dementia by capturing their memories on film before they disappear. - you might want to have a look at the website and what we do. The films are for free and we do roughly 100 every year. This could be of interest for some members of your website.
If you are interested, and if you like Caribbean food, we would like to invite you down to the restaurant for lunch one day to connect. Maybe there are things we could do together. And if nothing comes from it we can at least have a nice chat over some excellent food.


Hi Daniel,
I'm looking for people with memories of Low Hall Nursery School, Walthamstow. The nursery was opened in 1929 by the pioneering Margaret McMillan (See Wikipedia:
If anyone has memories, photos, or information about the nursery, I'd love to be in touch with them. We're looking at celebrating the 90th anniversary this year!
Thanks very much

Katherine GREEN (

From Daniel: May I point out that Katherine is the photographer who worked on a project (Exhibition and book) about the Warner Estate in Waltham Forest in 2014...

There was no such lady as Jane Elsie Buckland. Born 1916 at the Gosport Rd address.
There was a Jane Buckland born 1880.
Who was Christine Buckland nan.

Christine BUCKLAND

The Buckland family:
Harry Buckland, Annie Buckland, Dad and mum. Dead.
Christine Buckland, Daughter. Now 67yrs

Christine BUCKLAND

Hello David Medhurst,
My dad, Gerald Field, went to Winns Avenue School and also Blackhorse Lane School in the era you are speaking of.
Dad was also evacuated from Blackhorse Road Station in 1939.
He passed away August 2018, after suffering from dementia for three years.
He had shared some stories with me about some school friends and that Mr Bunting was a teacher.
Did you know him? He lived in Blenheim Road, Walthamstow.


I think the name was actually Bedwell. Mark age 67 ish now. and Kim lived in St Johns Rd E17 and went the Chapel End School.


Hello Daniel,
I hope you will manage to respond to my last e-mail but I don't know if your team would know that Joan Lestor lived in the town in the 1930s. Later in life she became an MP and, for a few months before her death, was a Baroness.

Bill Richardson

Good Morning and Happy New Year:-)
A few days ago, I came across an appeal for info about Charles Rollo Lester from Joyce Andersen of British Columbia.[]. I got an error with the address.
Might the best solution for this response to be displayed:
I have information about Charles Lestor and am happy to share it. Please e-mail me.

Bill Richardson

From Daniel: Thanks, Bill! The original post dates back to 2009 (or earlier?), Joyce might have changed her email address in the meantime..!

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