Brian Lodge

On December 9, 1832, Philemon Lodge was born to Isaac and Elizabeth Lodge (nee Chalk). He was one of 11 children and at one time was tenant of both the Kings Head Pub and the Prince Albert Pub.He was a councillor for Chingford, retiring from this in about 1900. He was a property owner in both Chingford and Walthamstow and a landowner in Chingford. In 1871 he was one of the first people to open a coffee shop at 80 Worship Street in the City of London. One of his children Agnes married Edward Jones, who owned the smithy in Station Road. The Smithy was opposite where the library is today. He was one of the first people to have motorised taxi cabs after the First World War. One of Philemon's grandsons - my father - helped build Waltham Forest College which stands in Forest Road today.

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