The Vestry House Museum Appeal 2013

How we've left a distinguishing mark in the heart of Walthamstow's "Village":

Your help to Vestry House Museum...

In 2011, to celebrate our "Gathering", Walthamstow Memories launched an appeal in favour of the Vestry House Museum.

Very proudly, on June the 23rd, 2011, we handed over a sum of
£750.00, thanks to your generosity!

In 2013, we (re)opened a "Vestry House Museum Appeal", starting with £130.16.

On February the 28th, 2014, the Appeal was closed with a total sum of £220.00. The following email from Vestry House Museum is self-explanatory:

Dear Daniel,

Hope you're well?
I just wanted to write to let you know the good news that we've managed to pull together the funds for the scanner and the order has now been placed. We're very grateful to Walthamstow Memories and to you especially for your support - much appreciated! We are processing this financial year which ends very soon! Would it be possible to send a cheque for the donations received? Cheques are made payable to the London Borough of Waltham Forest and paid directly to the Museum and Archive.
Very best wishes,


Anna Mason
Museum, Gallery and Archive Manager
William Morris Gallery and Vestry House Museum
020 8496 1474

23 June 2011 - Vestry House Museum
John H Knowles (WM), Vicky Carroll (VHM)
and Daniel J Quinn (WM)

  • SL1000 Digital Film Scanner
  • Desktop pc to support it
  • Iiyama 24” touch screen
  • Height adjustment stand
  • Install fees

  • Total cost £5,760
    (£220.00 of which raised by the WM appeal)

2013 VHM Appeal (2013/2014) - [Top]

TOTAL at 28 Feb: £220.00 GBP

PREVIOUS APPEAL (2011) - [Top]

15 Dec 2011 - Your Donation to Vestry House Museum:
Dear Daniel, I just wanted to let you know that we are using the generous donation from Walthamstow Memories to purchase conservation materials for the Museum. This will allow us to continue with our volunteer project to repack the stores and ensure that the objects are all stored in the best possible conditions for the future.
Thank you once again for all your support of the Museum.
Kind regards
Vicky Carroll
Museum, Gallery & Archives Manager
William Morris Gallery
Forest Road
London E17 4PP

The Vestry House Museum

Vestry House Museum in the snow - 2010

The Vestry House Museum, placed in Walthamstow's "Village", in spite of its relatively small premises, is an amazing cradle of activities, amongst which: museum, search room & meeting centre. In the few small rooms of the museum are displayed many significant items of Walthamstow's past: from the Bremer's car to an old milk cart, from old cameras to toys, from dresses & uniforms to views of by-gone Walthamstow, as well as a full-size reconstruction of a 19th century "Police Cell" (the Vestry House was a Police station in the mid 1800's)!

Items from the enormous collection are periodically rotated in display and used for special exhibitions.
This is a picture of the Research Room at the Vestry House Museum,
where loads of documents, old newspapers & photographs are kept under form of microfilms/microfiches, as well as in original. Unfortunately the old (and only!) microfilm/fiche reader has given up...
(Click to enlarge)
Picture of Research Room VHM
The Waltham Forest Archives and Local Studies Library Searchroom is open to everyone by appointment Thursday - Saturday 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm. For more information please visit:

Vestry House Museum is open Wednesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm

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