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The Crest of Walthamstow [Top of page]

This is the official description of the Armorial Bearings of the Borough of Walthamstow, before the "London Borough of Waltham Forest" was instituted in 1965:

Arms: Argent a Maunch Gules on a Chief Azure a Seamew volant between two Anchors Argent.
Crest: Upon a Mural Crown Or a Dove Azure beaked and legged Gules winged Or holding in the beak a sprig of Oak fructed proper.
Supporters: On the dexter side a Stag and on the sinister side a Pie-Bald Talbot, each gorged with a Wreath of Oak all proper.
Legend: "Fellowship is Life"

Apart from the fact that the Coat of Arms is a very beautiful piece of armorial designing, every item inclded has some direct reference to our town in bygone times.
The Maunch, or Sleeve, which occurs in the lower half of the shield, was the insignia of the Toni family, and as a representative of this family was the first Norman Lord of these parts, this piece of heraldy reminds us of Walthamstow in Norman days.

The Chief of the shield bears the familiar arms of George Monoux, further emphasized in the Bird with the Oak twig in its Beak, which forms the Crest of our Arms. These remind us not only of Walthamstow in Tudor times, but of a very worthy citizen whose benefactions are well known throughout the towm. Monovians, and other interested, may notice that the ground colour of the Monoux device appears in blue, not red as usual. This change of colours was made in compliment to the Maynard family, whose supporters - the Stag and Talbot - appear on either side of our Arms, and these features were introduced to memorialize a family connected with Walthamstow since the seventeenth century, particularly Henry Maynard, whose bequests to the Church, the school and the poor were generous and noteworthy.

The legend, "Fellowship is Life", comes from the pen of a celebrated citizen, William Morris, whose place in art, craftsmanship and letters is well recognized, and will be much enhanced with the passage of time.

The Walthamstow Coat of Arms is therefore something much more that a mere heraldic picture; it is a miniature of the history of the town throughout eight centuries, reminding us of its great epochs and commemorating prominent and public-spirited men who were connected with our parish.

The Coat of Arms is, in realty, the story in brief of Walthamstow from the Norman Conquests to the Victorian Era.

(The above picture and text is from: "The Story of Walthamstow", by G.E. Roebuck, 1952 The Walthamstow Corporation)

In heraldry, gules is the tincture with the colour red, and belongs to the class of dark tinctures called "colours". In engraving, it is sometimes depicted as a region of vertical lines or else marked with gu. as an abbreviation. The term gules derives from an Old French word goules or gueules meaning "throats" or referring to the mouth of an animal (whence comes the English gullet). The mouth and throat are red, hence the transfer of meaning.
The maunch is a lady's sleeve of a very ancient pattern and it became used, in heraldry, from the custom of the knights who attended tournaments wearing their ladies sleeves, as "gages d'amour" in the lists. The maunch was the symbol suitable for a man whose heart had been captured by of a fair maiden.
Mural Crown
A crown modeled after the walls of a castle
Any of various seagulls, especially Larus canus, of Europe.
An adult male deer.
Having patches of black and white or of other colors; parti-colored.
A hound with long pendent ears.
(fr. au naturel): when a charge is borne of its natural colour it is said to be proper;

Walthamstow Census info [Top of page]

Census Year
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Walthamstow Diary [Top of page]

Listed here, in chronological order, are some events - mainly (but not necessarily) musical.
If you wish to add entries, please contact Daniel: daniel@walthamstowmemrories.net

Sources: MP - Magnolia Promotions / JP - John Pridige / WG - Walthamstow Guardian / WM - Walthamstow Memories / WP - Wikipedia

(Part of "WPP - Walthamstow Past & Present", a project developed by Dave Hughes and owned by Daniel J. Quinn)

Year Date Event Information Source Updated
1929Oct 10thCharter Day Borough of WalthamstowWM23th Jul 2014
1944Sep 14thForest Road/Farnan AvenueFirst V2 German 'flying bomb' hit WalthamstowJP13th Jun 2013
1960Jan 10thThe Granada CinemaGene VincentMP11th Jun 2013
1963Sep 28thWalthamstow Assembly HallThe Rolling StonesMP11th Jun 2013
1963May 24thThe Granada CinemaThe BeatlesMP11th Jun 2013
1964Jan 10thThe Granada CinemaThe Rolling Stones + The RonettesMP11th Jun 2013
1964Oct 24thThe Granada CinemaThe BeatlesMP11th Jun 2013
1965May 1stThe Granada CinemaThe YardbirdsMP11th Jun 2013
1966Mar 12thThe Granada CinemaThe James Brown ShowMP11th Jun 2013
1966Mar 28thThe Granada CinemaRoy Orbison MP11th Jun 2013
1966Apr 23rdThe Granada CinemaThe Small Faces + Wayne FontanaMP11th Jun 2013
1967Dec 15thWalthamstow Technical CollegeThe Jeff Beck GroupMP11th Jun 2013
1967Nov 4thThe Granada CinemaThe Who + The HerdMP11th Jun 2013
1968Dec 12thWalthamstow Assembly HallBonzo Dog Doo-Dah BandMP11th Jun 2013
1968May 2ndWalthamstow Technical CollegeSpooky ToothMP11th Jun 2013
1968May 11thThe Granada CinemaJohnny Cash + Carl PerkinsMP11th Jun 2013
1968Nov 8thThe Granada CinemaThe Who + The Small FacesMP11th Jun 2013
1968Jan 28thThe Granada CinemaThe DublinersMP11th Jun 2013
1968Apr 7thThe Granada CinemaThe Kinks + The HerdMP11th Jun 2013
1968May 7thThe Granada CinemaGene Pitney + Don PartridgeMP11th Jun 2013
1969Dec 11thWalthamstow Assembly HallManfred Mann Chapter IIIMP11th Jun 2013
1969May 27thWalthamstow Technical CollegeCountry Joe & The Fish + SteamhammerMP11th Jun 2013
1969Nov 7thWalthamstow Technical CollegePink FloydMP11th Jun 2013
1970Feb 6thWalthamstow Technical CollegeDeep PurpleMP11th Jun 2013
1970Feb 27thWalthamstow Technical CollegeLove + Skin AlleyMP11th Jun 2013
1970Nov 13thWalthamstow Technical CollegeBrian Auger + Terry ReidMP11th Jun 2013
1970Jun 23rd The Granada CinemaRoy Orbison + othersMP11th Jun 2013
1970Feb 24thStandard Music VenueDJ Emperor RoskoMP12th Jun 2013
1971Nov 20thWalthamstow Technical CollegeStone The Crows + MorganMP11th Jun 2013
1971Nov 22ndWalthamstow Technical CollegeSupertrampMP11th Jun 2013
1971Dec 4thWalthamstow Technical CollegeWishbone Ash + Peter Barden's CamelMP11th Jun 2013
1971May 15thWalthamstow Technical CollegeEdgar Broughton Band + HookfootMP11th Jun 2013
1971Jun 4thWalthamstow Technical CollegeFleetwood Mac + Warm DustMP11th Jun 2013
1971Jun 19thWalthamstow Technical CollegePink Fairies + HawkwindMP11th Jun 2013
1971Oct 8thWalthamstow Technical CollegeSandy Denny + Tir Na NogMP11th Jun 2013
1971Nov 13thWalthamstow Technical CollegeWriting on The Wall + HawkwindMP11th Jun 2013
1971Nov 19thWalthamstow Technical CollegeUriah Heep + Climax ChicagoMP11th Jun 2013
1971Apr 2ndWalthamstow Technical CollegeMighty Baby + Brinsley SchwartzMP11th Jun 2013
1972Jan 22ndWalthamstow Technical CollegeThe GroundhogsMP11th Jun 2013
1972Feb 4thWalthamstow Technical CollegeMott The Hoople + HookfootMP11th Jun 2013
1972Mar 11thWalthamstow Technical CollegeAl Stewart + Bridget St. JohnMP11th Jun 2013
1972Apr 15thWalthamstow Technical CollegeEast of EdenMP11th Jun 2013
1972Apr 22ndWalthamstow Technical CollegeThe StrawbsMP11th Jun 2013
1972May 20thWalthamstow Technical CollegeThe Kinks + GlencoeMP11th Jun 2013
1972Jun 3rdWalthamstow Technical CollegeQuintessenceMP11th Jun 2013
1972Dec 22ndThe Granada CinemaAtomic Rooster + JonesyMP11th Jun 2013
1973Jan 27thWalthamstow Technical CollegeHomeMP11th Jun 2013
1976Jun 17thWalthamstow Assembly HallThe Stranglers + The Sex PistolsMP11th Jun 2013
1976Nov 18thWalthamstow Assembly HallIron MaidenMP11th Jun 2013
1981Sep 25thWalthamstow Assembly HallNew OrderMP11th Jun 2013
1981Dec 11thWalthamstow Assembly HallBauhausMP11th Jun 2013
1983Jun 27thWalthamstow Assembly HallThe Glitterband + MudMP11th Jun 2013
1984Feb 4thWalthamstow Assembly HallLove Affair + Vanity FairMP11th Jun 2013
1984Feb 5thWalthamstow Assembly HallShowaddywaddyMP11th Jun 2013
1986Feb 1stWalthamstow Assembly HallThe FoundationsMP11th Jun 2013
1986Feb 8thWalthamstow Assembly HallDr & The MedicsMP11th Jun 2013
1986Sep 9thStandard Music VenueTony BlackburnMP12th Jun 2013
1986Sep 16thStandard Music VenueMike Reid + supportMP12th Jun 2013
1986Sep 21stStandard Music VenueJenny Èclair + othersMP12th Jun 2013
1986Oct 4thStandard Music VenueRichard DiganceMP12th Jun 2013
1986Oct 5thStandard Music VenueHarry EnfieldMP12th Jun 2013
1986Oct 25thStandard Music VenueHale & PaceMP12th Jun 2013
1986Nov 15thStandard Music VenueJohn Otway MP12th Jun 2013
1986Dec 23rdStandard Music VenueRichard DiganceMP12th Jun 2013
1986Dec 23rdStandard Music VenueRichard DiganceMP12th Jun 2013
1987Jan 14thStandard Music VenueGirlschoolMP12th Jun 2013
1987Feb 4thStandard Music VenueGirlschoolMP12th Jun 2013
1987Feb 21stStandard Music VenueHale & PaceMP12th Jun 2013
1987Mar 18thStandard Music VenueThe SearchersMP12th Jun 2013
1987May 27thStandard Music VenueBad Manners + Vicious RumoursMP12th Jun 2013
1987Jul 11thStandard Music VenueStan Webb's Chicken ShackMP12th Jun 2013
1987Aug 28thStandard Music VenueMan + The UnionMP12th Jun 2013
1987Dec 11thStandard Music VenueBudgie + Parisenne BlondeMP12th Jun 2013
1988Feb 13thStandard Music VenueMan + No DealMP12th Jun 2013
1988May 13thStandard Music VenueSamson + Silent EarthMP12th Jun 2013
1989Mar 30thStandard Music VenueThe GroundhogsMP12th Jun 2013
1989May 16thStandard Music VenueAlan Davies + Jack DeeMP12th Jun 2013
1989Dec 10thStandard Music VenueSean HughesMP12th Jun 2013
1990Feb 18thStandard Music VenueHattie HayridgeMP12th Jun 2013
1990Mar 4thStandard Music VenueEddie IzzardMP12th Jun 2013
1990Apr 29thStandard Music VenueSuzi QuatroMP12th Jun 2013
1990May 17thStandard Music VenueGeno Washington & The Ram Jam BandMP12th Jun 2013
1990May 18thStandard Music VenueSweetMP12th Jun 2013
1990Jun 24thStandard Music VenueMudMP12th Jun 2013
1992Sep 9thStandard Music VenueGogmagogMP12th Jun 2013
1993Feb 15thStandard Music VenueLiz McCarthyMP12th Jun 2013
1993Jul 10thWalthamstow Village FestivalHeld in WalthamstowMP12th Jun 2013
1994Apr 24thStandard Music VenueClosed for 9 months MP12th Jun 2013
1994Jul 16thWalthamstow Village FestivalHeld in WalthamstowMP12th Jun 2013
1995Jan 19thStandard Music VenueRe-opened after road alterationsMP12th Jun 2013
1995Feb 4thStandard Music VenueDr & The MedicsMP12th Jun 2013
1995Feb 9thStandard Music VenueSplodgenessaboundsMP12th Jun 2013
1995Mar 1stStandard Music VenueGlenn TillbrookMP12th Jun 2013
1995Aug 26thStandard Music VenueRic Lee BreakersMP12th Jun 2013
1995Sep 24thStandard Music VenueCaptain SensibleMP12th Jun 2013
1995Oct 4thStandard Music VenueCrazy World of Arthur BrownMP12th Jun 2013
1996May 19thStandard Music VenueCosmic Charlies + Catch 22MP12th Jun 2013
1996Sep 27thStandard Music Venue (upstairs)Tony McPhee MP12th Jun 2013
1996Jul 13thWalthamstow Village FestivalHeld in WalthamstowMP12th Jun 2013
1997Feb 23rdStandard Music VenueBond GirlMP12th Jun 2013
1997Feb 28thStandard Music VenueRock BitchMP12th Jun 2013
1997Apr 11thStandard Music VenueStrayMP12th Jun 2013
1997Jul 19thWalthamstow Village FestivalHeld in WalthamstowMP12th Jun 2013
1998Jan 22ndStandard Music VenueBlythe PowerMP12th Jun 2013
1998Feb 7thStandard Music VenueWishbone Ash + Rewind + AlienMP12th Jun 2013
1998Nov 13thStandard Music VenueWishbone AshMP12th Jun 2013
1999Mar 24thStandard Music VenueWishbone Ash + Keith MoreMP12th Jun 2013
2000Apr 1stStandard Music VenueOsibisa + Tea For The WickedMP12th Jun 2013
2000May 25thStandard Music VenueLol CoxhillMP12th Jun 2013
2000Oct 5thStandard Music VenueWishbone Ash + Tea For The WickedMP12th Jun 2013
2000Jul 15thWalthamstow Village FestivalHeld in WalthamstowMP12th Jun 2013
2001Jun 21stStandard Music VenueMick Abraham's BandMP12th Jun 2013
2001Nov 15thStandard Music VenueOzric TentaclesMP12th Jun 2013
2001Nov 29thStandard Music VenueTim Rose + Del BromhamMP12th Jun 2013
2002Apr 20thStandard Music VenueRod Argent & Colin BlunstoneMP12th Jun 2013
2003Walthamstow EMD Cinema closedPreviously called The GranadaWP10th Feb 2012
2003Nov 29thThe Plough InnMick Abrahams MP11th Jun 2013
2003Jul 19thStandard Music VenueWoronzow AlldayerMP12th Jun 2013
2003Sep 7thWalthamstow Arts FestivalHeld In Walthamstow High StreetMP12th Jun 2013
2004Oct 27thStandard Music VenueWishbone AshMP12th Jun 2013
2005Apr 15thThe Plough InnPaul RobertsMP11th Jun 2013
2005Aug 29thThe Plough InnChas & DaveMP11th Jun 2013
2006Mar 30thStandard Music VenueThe SkintsMP12th Jun 2013
2007Sep 7thThe Plough InnRobin WilliamsonMP11th Jun 2013
2007Sep 21stThe Plough InnWreckless Eric & Amy RigbyMP11th Jun 2013
2007Oct 5thThe Plough InnTony McPhee's GroundhogsMP11th Jun 2013
2007Nov 16thThe Plough InnMick Abraham's BandMP11th Jun 2013
2007Nov 17thThe Plough InnDeke Leonard's Iceberg + The Green RayMP11th Jun 2013
2007Dec 7thThe Plough InnPaul Roberts & Andy Ellis + John EllisMP11th Jun 2013
2007Feb 4thThe Plough InnJim PageMP11th Jun 2013
2007Apr 7thThe Plough InnJohn Otway + Anton BarbeauMP11th Jun 2013
2007Jul 5thThe Plough InnBarry MeltonMP11th Jun 2013
2007Jul 6thThe Plough InnTom RobinsonMP11th Jun 2013
2007Jan 27thStandard Music VenueTea For The Wicked + The Green RayMP12th Jun 2013
2007Sep 2ndWalthamstow Arts FestivalHeld In Walthamstow High StreetMP12th Jun 2013
2008Aug 16thWalthamstow Stadium closedlast race was at 11pmWP10th Feb 2012
2008May 9thThe Plough InnWreckless Eric & Amy RigbyMP11th Jun 2013
2008May 31stThe Plough InnNick PickettMP11th Jun 2013
2008Jun 20thThe Plough InnWild Willy Barrett's Sleeping DogzMP11th Jun 2013
2008Aug 1stThe Plough InnJim PageMP11th Jun 2013
2008Oct 31stThe Plough InnWreckless Eric & Amy RigbyMP11th Jun 2013
2008Feb 24thThe Plough InnIsla St. Clair + othersMP11th Jun 2013
2008Mar 14thThe Plough InnRobin WilliamsonMP11th Jun 2013
2008Mar 8thThe Plough InnMitch BennMP11th Jun 2013
2008Apr 4thThe Plough InnAshley Hutchins & The Rainbow ChasersMP11th Jun 2013
2008Apr 12thThe Plough InnPaul Roberts MP11th Jun 2013
2008Mar 29thStandard Music VenueWilko Johnson + ZedsMP12th Jun 2013
2008Oct 15thStandard Music VenueWishbone AshMP12th Jun 2013
2009Aug 31stThe Plough InnBlue Gillespie + The Danny Noodles BandMP11th Jun 2013
2009Jan 29thStandard Music VenueEvening abandoned due to a fireMP12th Jun 2013
2010Sep 11thWalthamstow Memories 'gathering'The first meeting WM10th Feb 2012
2010Feb 13thWalthamstow Assembly HallThe New Beautiful SouthMP11th Jun 2013
2010Aug 23rdWalthamstow Assembly HallLinton Kwesi JohnsonMP11th Jun 2013
2010Sep 19thThe Plough InnRobb JohnsonMP11th Jun 2013
2010Jul 19thThe Plough InnChicken Legs WeaverMP11th Jun 2013
2010Dec 31stThe Plough InnClosedMP12th Jun 2013
2011Jun 23rd-26thWalthamstow Memories 'gathering'The 10th Anniversary of the websiteWM10th Feb 2012
2011Aug 24thStandard Music VenueSexual Disorders + supportMP12th Jun 2013
2011Dec 3rdStandard Music VenueT-Rexstacy played on the closing nightMP12th Jun 2013
2012Mar 15thEddy Izzard (comedian)Visiting Walthamstow College studentsMP12th Jun 2013
2013Jun 15thWood Street FundayFamily DayMP11th Jun 2013
2013Jun 15thHigham Hill FundayFamily DayMP11th Jun 2013
2013Feb 6thVallentin RoadIdris Ella filming an episode of 'Luther'.MP12th Jun 2013
2013Jun 23rdWood Street Indoor MarketNikki Graham opened their Sunday marketWG20th Jun 2013

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