Walthamstow Mayors

Listed here, in chronological order, are the:

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Walthamstow Council Chairmen (1895-1929)

1895-1896Councillor J.C. Compton
1896-1897Councillor F. Challis
1897-1898Councillor J. Anderson
1898-1899Councillor C. James
1899-1900Councillor C.J. Geary
1900-1901Councillor F.J. Trice
1901-1902Councillor D. Ogilvie
1902-1903Councillor E. Good
1903-1904Councillor C. Day
1904-1905Councillor C.J. Wilkes
1905-1906Councillor W. Roberts
1906-1907Councillor R.G. Woolley
1907-1908CouncillorW. Greenfields
1908-1909Councillor H. Brown
1909-1910Councillor H. Brown
1910-1911Councillor F.T.C. Bristow
1911-1912Councillor C.H. Pollard
1912-1913Councillor C.W. Fisher
1913-1914Councillor T. How
1914-1915Councillor H.P. Martin
1915-1916Councillor A. Attwell
1916-1917Councillor J.C. Hammond
1917-1918Councillor C. Watkins
1918-1919Councillor J.W. West
1919-1920Councillor A. Eve
1920-1921Councillor J. Lyne
1921-1922Councillor W.J. McGuffie
1922-1923Councillor Daniel Joseph Quinn
1923-1924Councillor A.J.D. Llewellyn
1924-1925Councillor W.H. Shaw
1925-1926Councillor G. Gibbons
1926-1927Councillor Mrs. C. McEntee
1927-1927Councillor H. Frost
1928-1927Councillor M.F. Watcham
1929 Councillor W.J. McGuffie

Walthamstow received its Charter in 1929

Walthamstow Mayors (1929-1965)

1929Mr J.H Thomas
1929-1929 Col. Sir T. Courtenay Warner, Bart, C.B (charter mayor)
1929-1930 Councillor V.L McEntee J.P., M.P
1930-1931 Councillor G.H Spackman J.P
1931-1932 Alderman T.W Smith J.P
1932-1933 Alderman B. Cole J.P
1933-1934 Councillor G.R Lowton J.P
1934-1935 Alderman W.H Shaw J.P
1935-1936 Alderman Ross Wyld J.P
1936-1937 Alderman G. Gibbons J.P
1937-1938 Alderman Mrs C. McEntee J.P
1938-1939 Alderman, H. Frost J.P
1939-1940 Councillor R.W.A Russell J.P
1940-1941 Councillor J.H Williams J.P
1941-1942 Alderman Mrs E.M Richards J.P
1942-1943 Alderman Mrs E.Miller J.P
1943-1944 Alderman A.E Manning J.P
1944-1945 Councillor E.A Smith J.P
1945-1946 Alderman A.G Bottomley O.B.E J.P M.P
1946-1947 Alderman Sidney Nelson Chaplin J.P
1947-1949 Councillor Miss D. Wrigley B.A J.P
1949-1950 Alderman E.C Redhead J.P
1950-1951 Councillor A.E Simmons J.P
1951-1952 Alderman Lord McEntee C.B.E J.P
1952-1953 Councillor W.F Savill J.P
1953-1954 Alderman T.W Smith J.P
1954-1955 Councillor Mrs S. Candy J.P
1955-1956 Alderman Lady C. McEntee O.B.E J.P
1956-1957 Alderman G.R Lowton J.P
1957-1958 Councillor J.W Pringle J.P
1958-1959 Councillor C.J Crosbie J.P
1959-1960 Alderman Sidney Nelson Chaplain J.P
1960-1961 Alderman W.R Baldwin J.P
1961-1962 Alderman E.C Redhead J.P M.P
1962-1963 Alderman Miss D. Wrigley B.A J.P
1963-1964 Alderman Mrs W.M Palethorpe J.P
1964-1965 Councillor T.H Child J.P

Walthamstow joined with Chingford and Leyton to form the London Borough of Waltham Forest in 1965 and left Essex. At that time part of Walthamstow bulged into Chingford from Woodford, through Hale End and part of Highams Park. As part of the merger, there were various boundary changes and this area became part of Chingford. (That’s why Walthamstow Stadium is now in Chingford) Walthamstow gained a smaller area around Folly Lane.

The postal area system has a different base. Essentially, other than a couple of central London areas, the Post Office divided London into the 4 main compass points and then created a numbering system linked to the first letters of the alphabet of a district i.e E1 = Aldgate: E2 = Bethnel Green: E3 = Bow: E4 = Chingford: E5 = Clapton all the way through to E18 = Wanstead. The same system applies to the N.S and W areas. Unfortunately, over the years the names of the districts are not so commonly used and there have been additions out of the sequence. In recent times the interesting addition has been the area around the Olympic Park, that has been designated as E20. Although generally, Walthamstow is E17 and Chingford is E4 there are some variations from this.

(Text kindly provided by Bill Bayliss)

Waltham Forest Mayors (1965-)

1965-1966Councillor G.S Bentley J.P
1966-1967 Councillor A.C Punshon J.P
1967-1968 Councillor D. Weinstein J.P
1968-1969 Alderman G.S Mace J.P
1969-1970 Coucillor Mrs P.K Williams
1970-1971 Alderman S.G Shepherd
1971-1972 Councillor G.R Smith
1972-1973 Councillor Mrs E.M Dare J.P
1973-1974 Councillor Mrs L.D Gurr J.P
1974-1975 Councillor A.M O’Reilly J.P
1975-1976 Councillor Mrs E. Bartram
1976-1977 Councillor H.F Fulton
1977-1978 Councillor R.F Drew
1978-1979 Councillor A.L Chamberlain
1979-1980 Councillor J.H Hendon
1980-1981 Councillor K.R Saunders J.P
1981-1982 Councillor J. Kaye
1982-1983 Councillor M.C Fish
1983-1984 Councillor L. Braham
1984-1985 Councillor D.B Arnold
1985-1986 Councillor A.J Simmons
1986-1987 Councillor M Khan
1987-1988 Councillor W.J Pearmine
1988-1989 Councillor J.J Walsh M.B.E
1989-1990 Councillor W.G Anstey
1990-1991 Councillor F.E Georges
1991-1992 Councillor E.G Sizer
1992-1993 Councillor Mrs D. Luinberg
1993-1994 Councillor N.S Matharoo J.P
1994-1995 Councillor Mrs Khan
1995-1996 Councillor D.A Norman
1996-1997 Councillor R. Wheatley
1997-1998 Councillor S.A Poulsen
1998-1999 Councillor T.S Bhogal
1999-2000 Councillor P.J Dawe
2000-2001 Councillor Mohammed M. Nasim
2001-2002 Councillor M.L Broadley
2002-2002 Councillor M. Fazlur-Rahman (died in office)
2002-2003 Councillor Stella Creasy
2003-2004 Councillor R.D Belam
2004-2005 Councillor M.J Lewis
2005-2006 Councillor M.A Martin
2006-2007 Councillor M.F Qureshi
2007-2008 Liaquat Ali J.P.
2008-2009 Councillor S. Smith-Pryor
2009-2010 Councillor Anna C. Mbachu
2010-2011 Councillor Masood Ahmad
2011-2012 Councillor Geoff Walker
2012-2013 Richard Sweden
2013-2014Nadeem Ali

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