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Would like to know if you have any information of the Taylor family in the Beulah Villa Home in Walthamstow around 1817's. We have documents of information and transactions of the sale of the home in 1818.

Thank You

Beverly TAYLOR

Does anyone know anything about an Eileen Tucker who was apparently born in 1914 and lived in Howard Rd E17 all her life dying just recently?


Dear Sir,

I am interested in finding out the whereabouts of the owner of a television shop that existed in Wood Street in the 1980s, I believe on the corner of Waverley Rd although I'm not to sure of that. It was on a corner. His Christian name was Terry. I would be most grateful for any information. I also owned a shop in Winchester Road, Highams Park, and would be very interested in contacting him again.
Thank you.


TOYE family - 9 Apr 2010:
Hi, I was very interested to read the information on the Monday family (Jun 09). Unfortunately, I can't shed any light on the Mondays however Alfred Toye Snr, (licenced victualler in 1901 of the [now] Common Gate Hotel, 131 Markhouse Rd, Walthamstow) was my great, great grandfather & Alfred Toye Jnr, was my great grandfather. Alfred Jnr in his second marriage had two (more) children - Marjorie & George Charles Toye, (my grandfather). George was born in Walthamstow & flew at the wartime RAF aerodrome at Croydon airport. He died in London in 1996. Last year my father, Mike Toye visited the hotel and went to find the house on 245 Markhouse Road where Alfred Jnr was born - unfortunately this no longer exists. I have attached a link to a picture of the hotel. In a lot of the old certificates Toye is spelt Toye', confirming the family story of a French link. Link to Common Gate Hotel (Walthamstow)
Heather Toye, Aberdeen email

Hi!..Came upon your site purely by chance whilst trying to trace my family tree!..Hoping that someone may be able to help with the following..My Great Grandfather was Thomas Charles Taylor (b.1855) married Louisa Harriet Vaughan (b,1858) they had 8 children one of which was my late Grandmother Constance Maud...she married Archibald James Drury on 24th August 1913..they had 2 sons Ronald A. Drury (b,2nd Qtr 1914) and Douglas J. Drury (b. 4th Qtr 1918)..I know from a cousin several times removed, that the 2 boys were given/taken into foster/adoption care probably around 1920/21..if anyone has any information I would be very appears my grandmother then met my grandfather (Constance Maud Drury nee Taylor + Arthur Birch Jarvis) and had 5 more children...therefore if either of the 2 boys from her first marriage are still living they may like to know that they have half brother(s) and sister(s)...also my Great Grandfather re-married after the death of my Great Grandmother..does anyone have any recollection of Florence Maud Taylor nee Westwood married 22nd June 1918...they had a daughter Maud Evelyn Taylor (b. 25th Ocber 1918) great grandfather is noted as being a solicitors clerk on Census returns...buried at Manor Park Cemetary...The Families mentioned are known to have lived in the following roads, Hoe Street, Grove Green Road, Aveling Park Road, Church Hill (Hall)?...Many thanks in hopeful anticipation!

Kind Regards, Margaret email

My name is Michael Tuvey i am currently trying to find out information on my family who come from walthamstow. The only information that i have is that my great grandfather was called Alfred Tuvey he was married to Lousie Price they both lived in walthemstow for most of there lifes. Alfred passed away in 1997 at the age of 86, so sadly i am unable to ask Alf all that i need to know about the Tuveys. If you have any information on them please could you forward it on to me. Kind Regards Michael Tuvey

I am very new to searching family ancestry. I am a first generation New Zealander and currently trying to put together a family tree. My great grandmother was Mary Ann TURNER born February 1865 from Walthamstow. Her father was Francis Thoms TURNER. He married Susanna Goronlock. I do not have any dates of birth, marriage or death of these great great grandparents. If anyone reading this has any information on this family line, would you please reply to this. My father came to live in New Zealand in the late 1940s. His father also came from Walthamstow, he was Horace Joseph STEVENSON. I am also interested in my great grandfather on that side. He was William Hnery STEVENSON. I look forward to any help available, or suggestions. Thanks. Linda Lucas email

I am seeking information on my great uncle ROBERT ALEXANDER TUCKER who lived in WINCHESTER ROAD in 1901. He moved soon after this but I believe he stayed in the area. My grandfather (his brother) FREDERICK ALBERT TUCKER may have lived in the area as well.  They were both PHOTOGRAPHERS who had lived in Dalston previously. Wife of Robert was Eleanor and wife of Frederick was Sarah. Any information on these two men, their children especially or their professions would be greatly appreciated. Viv email

Hi from Perth Australia, I have collected information about and made up a family tree about the Turners of Walthamstow, namely the descendants of George Turner and Mary Embleton who married there in 1759. While one branch is known to go onto settle in St Brides, Fleet St, London by 1800, and my branch set up in Tottenham from 1793, there were still plenty of Turners in Walthamstow in the 1840s - Alfred was a carpenter, and Nathaniel owned a grocery store about this time. Please email me if you are connected to the Turners of Walthamstow pre 1870. Sharon Middleton. email

Hi, looking for any info on Horace Tinsley (2nd Ave) I believe around 1954. He was the father of Jack S Tinsley & Peter Tinsley, my father and uncle. Please e-mail me with any news or family tree links. Thanks Peter Tinsley. email

I am currently working on my family tree and have found a fair bit of information but still have some holes! Perhaps someone can help……
Father – John William Albert Tuting (17 Havant Rd, Walthamstow) (b. 25 Jan 1935)
Grandfather and Grandmother – John Albert Tuting and Caroline Nash (b. 08/08/1913 and 1304/1913) Grandfathers parents – Albert Tuting and Madeline Amelia Rachel ????
Grandmothers parents – William Nash and Sarah Pickett (married 1893 in Bethnal Green) From what I can gather William Nash spent some time on board a ‘training ship’, the result of a misspent period of his youth I believe! My grandmother had a sister Lily(Lil) who married an Alfred(Alf) Pullum but that is another branch to the tree. Son Terry and Alfred(?). Terry and my father were, apart from being cousins, the best of friends and more like brothers. I understand the Nash family still live in and around Walthamstow so perhaps someone will recognise some of the names above.
My Godfather was a David Glassock who also lived in Havant Road and I would be interested in any light shed on his family too.Both my grandparents worked at the Rossi Ice Cream factory, as did one of my great grandfathers. Grandfather was in the RAF during WWII and eventually became a plasterer as did my father. My father was born in Upper Walthamstow Road and I in Thorpe Combe Hospital. If anyone can further my research I would be very grateful. Sorry if this info is a bit ‘bitty’ but that’s all I got so far! Many Thanks David Tuting email

I am seeking information about my great-grandparents. Their names were John Edward Fennimore and Beatrice Alice Townsely. They ended up in Middleville, New York after a short time in Canada (St.Catherines maybe?). They had 7 kids - 3 in Canada. John Edward had at lest two sisters that were alive in the early 1970s.Their names were Bea and Lillian. I also know that Beatrice Alice Townsley's mother was Jane. John Edward and Beatrice Alice got married at St. Barnabas Church. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,  Kristin Buck Email -

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