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I was born in Wyatts Lane in Walthamstow 60 years ago and revisited it again in 2013 after 44 years in Australia. I am researching my family history and love your site as it gives me a real picture of what it must have been like when my parents and grandparents lived there many years ago. It has also given me a sense of belonging and at some stage I will put some information out there for your families list but at this stage though, I am looking for my Aunt, Rita Kendall née Smiles. We lost contact with Rita a few years ago when my Dad (her brother, Alfred Smiles) began to suffer from the effects of Alzheimer's. Rita was married to Bill, who has since passed away, and had 4 children, Kay, Billy, Kevin and Julie. I have no idea where the Kendalls lived in Walthamstow but Dad and Rita grew up in Maynard Road. Their father’s name was Horace Reginald and his second wife, Rita’s mother, was Dorothy Hartley. I vaguely recall that Rita may have moved to Chingford after her husband died but I am not sure. I hope there is someone out there that can help us get in contact and I appreciate the opportunity your site has given me to maybe find her.

Thanking you and regards,


SHEPHERD Family - Posted on 31 Jan 2012:
My Grandmother Florence Rhoda Shepherd was born in Wood Street Walthamstow. My Dad was told that she was born in a caravan near Leyton Station, so I wondered about the connection, but I have just found reference to an address given as Caravan in fields, Wood Street in relation to another family tree so there may be some validity in what my Dad was told. Also, I was told my Grandmother came from Traveller/circus people. I would be interested to hear from anyone who may know something about the history of the family.
Lorraine MATTHEWS [Private Reply] [Public Reply]

My widower Gt.Grandpa James STEWART's 3rd marriage was to widow Emily Alice BARTLETT (nee BANNOCKS) on 15/9/1909 at the Parish Church of St James the Greater Walthamstow - both were living at 38 Netley Road - he was a Ship's Cook at the time. Their witnesses were John Thomas GROVES & James' daughter Phoebe [aka Beatrice] Mary STEWART - who married in the same Church in October 1909 to Peter F MILLER.
The 1911 census records Emily Alice STEWART living at 18 Vernon Road, Walthamstow, with 2 of James' children from his previous marriage to Harriet STEWART (nee KIRBY), who died in 1903 in Walthamstow.
Emily Alice BARLETT's 1st marriage was to Reuben BARLETT on 25/12/1893 at the Parish Church of St Philips in Tower Hamlets, Middx (they were both in Service at the time) and I believe they had a daughter, possibly also named as Emily Annie(?) BARTLETT. Reuben died in Walthamstow 29/3/1909.
[Please see my earlier Family History entries under 'S' for STEWART, etc & 'M' for MILLER, etc]
I'd greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who's ancestral lineage links with these folk, please.
Pam RAY [Private Reply] [Public Reply]

SMITH George and Emily - posted 22 Feb 2010
I am looking for information on the family of George and Emily Smith, who lived at Cambridge Road, Walthamstow, from around 1915 to 1940. They had several children and came originally from the East End. George worked as a french polisher. Regards
Paul Samuels email

STEWART - posted 28-Feb-2009
What a great news letter recently received. I wonder if anyone out there would be able to tell me anything about my great grandfather James Stewart. Born in Scotland in 1844 & married to Margaret Garvock in 1866 at Fochabers Bellie.He was a carpenter. They lived in Edinburgh but on 1891 census were in Walthamstow at Hawkley rd with 5 children & the1901 census shows them with one son James Maclean Stewart. at 1 Raymond Villas.I also have a death certificate for my great grandfather showing that he placed himself before a moving train in 1914.Inquest details pre-1943 did not survive the war & so I am hoping that someone has a family history or knowledge of why he did this.thanks for your help.
Betty email

Hi, I am looking for information on a lady called Phylis Silver who lived at 68 Maynard Rd. Walthamstow and her gentleman friend Frank. Does Phylis still live there?. Is she still alive?. Any information would be gratefully accepted by family member. Kind Regards
Mandy Burns email

This is my husband's grandfather who died at Walthamstow Hospital in 1919. On the 1901 Census he was living at 463 Leytonstone Road, and profession was a Baker married to wife Mary and having a daughter Kathleen. He then re- married Mary A.F. Clarke in 1909 and was then living at 145 Tower Hamlets Road, Forest Gate this lady being my husband's grandmother. Does anyone know who or where I could contact to locate any pictures that may be available which could possibly show if Leytonstone Road was where he had his bakers shop. Thank You.
Carol Welton email

William Richard Shearman - My grandfather was a teacher in Walthamstow until World War 1. Do you know anything about where he could have taught and what kind of teacher he was? He married at the Lighthouse on 24th October 1914 to Winifred County. Do you know anything about this as she is not my grandmother.
Thank you for any help you can give, Yours
Susan Brailsford email

Does anyone remember the Saunders family living at 165 Winns Avenue about 1920 onwards. The father was Albert Edward Saunders, wife May, children, Harold, Gladys, Joyce, Iris and Douglas?
Albert used to work in Nosworthy's tobacconist shop down the High Street (James Street end) at one time.
Would love to hear from anyone who can remember them.
Ruth Saunders email

In the hope that I'll find a friendly soul, somewhere out there, who can help me find my STEWART ancestors back from my g/mother Beatrice Mary STEWART & maybe any siblings.
My search has been hampered because I don't know WHERE Beatrice was born. However, I do have a copy of her (m) cert so here goes.

Beatrice Mary STEWART (m) Peter Frederick MILLER Oct 1909 at James the Greater Parish Church in Walthamstow, Essex.
Peter Frederick MILLER (age 25) of 38 Netley Rd, Walthamstow (his dad was a Gate Keeper)
and Beatrice Mary STEWART (age 21) of [**] home address given as 891 Lea Bridge Road, Walthamstow (her dad was a Cook).

According to the Poll records it seems that, at least as at the time of the 1908 Poll, [**] 891 Lea Bridge Rd was formerly known as 95 Chestnut Walk. Also (at least from the 1908 upto the 1910 Poll) the only person at the address qualified to vote was a John Huxley SANDERS.

ANY info would be most welcomed, but if anyone is able to advise WHY Beatrice was at that address & in what capacity ie as a relative, lodger, employee, etc, along with establishing WHO Mr Sanders was) would be especially helpful, please. Some, or all of which, could possibly lead me to discover whence Beatrice Mary STEWART came from.
My name is Pam RAY (nee MILLER of West Ham, London). My parents were Peter Henry MILLER (b) 1912 & May [nee HUTCHINES (b) 1916] both of West Ham.
We (hubby & me) now live in Bristol. Looking forward to hearing from anyone from the great army of Researchers out there. Manwhile, kindest thoughts for your success in your researching.
Pam Ray (of Bristol) email

Since placing my original article on the Walthamstow Memories website (under Family History) a MIRACLE has occurred! Whilst having set up camp by many a brickwall (family researcher's nightmare) doggedly chipping away - looking for any gleam of light, so to speak - I met a Genealogist who specialised in 'adopted birth' records, thus had a 'nose' for finding less well known records. She (Gina) could venture where I could not! Gina was, indeed, THE miracle, as we met by pure chance.
Gina discovered that my paternal Grandma Miller's birth name was Phoebe Mary STEWART (aka Beatrice Mary MILLER.
I now have copies of her certs for (b) in Aug 1888 - address 38 Clerk St, MEOT, Middx; (m) to MILLER of Walthamstow 1909; [widowed in 1935] Beatrice (re-m) to widower DIPPLE of Woodford Wells 1944; + her (d) of 1967 in Forest Gate, West Ham.
Beatrice (m) Peter F MILLER of 38 Netley Rd, Walthamstow & gave her address as 891 Lea Bridge Road, Walthamstow. (I've since discovered that one of her sisters worked for the owners of the property, John Huxley SANDERS, Confectioner, at that address).
Beatrice's father (my maternal Gt.Grandpa) was James STEWART (b) c1855 in Belfast, Ireland (& his father, John, was a Farmer in Co.Antrim then).
Apart from other occupations in between, James was a Cook/Merchant Seaman for many years. When he met & (m) Gt.Grandma Harriet Priscilla KIRBY [b.c1855 in Yorkshire] in St.Georges in the East, London 1882 he was already a widower - but I'm still struggling to find the records of his first marriage.
James & Harriet STEWART eventually moved to & lived for many years at 62 Mansfield Rd, Walthamstow - Phoebe (aka Beatrice Mary) was one of many children. Harriet died c1906(?). James (re-m) to widow Emily Alice BARLETT (nee BANNOCKS) 15 Aug 1909 & were then residing at 38 Netley Rd (former address of my Grandpa Peter F MILLER).
At the time of the 1911 census Emily Alice STEWART was living at 18 Vernon Rd, Walthamstow with some of the STEWART children. (Yet to be confirmed - but James might have already died by then!?). If anyone is PERSONALLY able to ancestrally link with above-mentioned souls to help me to add to &/or fill in some gaps, do please get in touch. I'd be more than happy to swap & share info with you.
[PS.: additional ancestral related details under: MILLER/MULLER/STEWART/SCOTT .]
Pam Ray (of Bristol) email

Dear Sir/Madam
I am righting as I am looking for a death of my G,G,Grandmother Emma Sear I just don't seem to be able to find her death she was last living in Twhickenham in 1884 but by 1891 she no longer lived there her maiden name was Treadaway,the reason why I thought of Walthamstow her Children lived there and she was closed to Frank her son in the 1901 censers she does not seem to be there she ran a lodging house in Ramesgate in 1881 I have been tolled she did become a house keeper for a doctor his surname was fox that is it do you no of anyone that can help,look forward to here from you.
Jane Ross email

I am very new to searching family ancestry. I am a first generation New Zealander and currently trying to put together a family tree. My great grandmother was Mary Ann TURNER born February 1865 from Walthamstow. Her father was Francis Thoms TURNER. He married Susanna Goronlock. I do not have any dates of birth, marriage or death of these great great grandparents. If anyone reading this has any information on this family line, would you please reply to this. My father came to live in New Zealand in the late 1940s. His father also came from Walthamstow, he was Horace Joseph STEVENSON. I am also interested in my great grandfather on that side. He was William Hnery STEVENSON. I look forward to any help available, or suggestions. Thanks.
Linda Lucas email


My name is Larry Salmon and I live in Kingston Ontario Canada. I am interested in my ancestors. My grandfather was John Arthur Salmon and he was born in Leyton in 1897. He lists a sister on his Canadian Military record as Elizabeth Salmon living at 28 Tenbury Rd. Walthamstow in 1915. She would have been around 19. I would like to know if there are Salmon family in Walthamstow now I would appreciate any information. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

I was wondering if anyone knew of the Alfred Anthony Dell Family/Richard Eardley Searle Family/Edward Charles Fuller Family/Arthur Ernest Piercy Family /Frank Perryment Family.I do have alot of information on alot of these families, but I also I have alot missing so I was wondering if anyone can help. So instead of detailing info on the site because it is way to much, I thought I would ask if anyone knows of these names and if so we could look into it more.  Hoping to talk to someone soon...
Lorraine email

I am seeking information on these families some of whom left Walthamstow in 1911 and 1912 to emigrate to New Zealand. Charles Bright and his father Edwin were master cabinet makers and I would like to find out more about this industry in Walthamstow. We still have one or two pieces of furniture intricately inlaid and carved. Charles Bright lived in 14 Russell Rd in 1901. He died in 1911 and shortly afterwards his wife and 3 small daughters left for NZ. His wife’s family – mother Amelia Pring, brothers John and Harold Pring and sister Florence (married to John Robert Simmons) and their families all arrived in New Zealand in 1912. I would like to hear from any family members still living in Walthamstow, or anyone who can tell me more about the furniture making industry in Walthamstow in the 1880-1910 period. Thank you,
Heather email:

As a newcomer to this I am hoping someone may have information on my ancestors George Palmer STEPHENSON born 1853/54 and his wife Elizabeth born 1859/60 (believe maiden name was possibly Mance). They lived at 8 Ilton Road Walthamstow and may have also lived at no 15 at some time. According to the 1901 census there were at least 8 children: George W, Alfred J, Frederick P, John Edwin, Charlotte E, Everill, Arthur and Emily all born between 1881 and 1896. The 1891 census shows George Palmer's mother Sarah also in residence.  I can find no other trace of Ilton Road but do know that Everill got married at The Lighthouse in Markhouse Road in 1915.  Would be grateful for any assistance available. Thanks,
Linda email

My husband's grandparents were married at St Mary's Church, Walthamstow in 1896. Albert Seaton LUNN had been born 1872c at Streatham in Essex but lived with his grandparents in Dogmersfield in Hampshire after his father died when he was about 10 years old. Edith Lucy CLARKE was born 16Dec1875 at Back of Castle, Parish of Walthamstow - the daughter of William CLARKE and Amelia SAPSFORD.  In the 1881 Census, William and Amelia and their seven chidlren lived at 13 Payze & Gatehouse Cottages in the parish of St Peter in Walthamstow. The family continued to live in the Walthamstow/Woodford area for many years. William and Amelia's children were Amelia Selina, William J, George, Jessey, Marian, Albert and Edith Lucy - born between 1852 and 1875. Albert and Edith moved from Walthamstow soon after their marriage, living at Godalming, Wickam and Dover before leaving for Australia in 1912 and 1913. My husband and I visited Walthamstow in 1999 but did not have all this information at that time. We have a copy of Edith's birth and death certificates and the church copy of her marriage to Albert Seaton Lunn. Would love to contact any descendants of the CLARKE/LUNN or SAPSFORD families in your area.  Do the addresses I have from the certificates still exist? Hoping to be able to further my research with your help Regards.
Vicki Smith, Geelong, Victoria, Australia email

My grandfather, Albert Frederick Stevenson, was born in Walthamstow in September 1903. I am trying to track down his family as I am travelling to the UK soon, and I would like his details to help with my Ancestry Visa. He married Edith Annie Moss and at some time they lived at 39 Cavendish Avenue in New Malden, Surrey. They also lived in Bexhill. They had three daughters: Mary, Kathleen and Anne. Kathleen and Anne came out to New Zealand in the 1950s. Kathleen married a Dutchman, Karel Hobo and had 5 children, I am the eldest son. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I intend to visit Walthamstow early in 2004.
Stephen Hobo-Tuck email

Does anyone have any information about William Daniel MAUNDER who married Ellen STONE? (She was the widow of William STONE and her maiden name was Ellen PARTRIDGE-MAUNDER). They were married at Chiswick Parish Church on 22nd December 1875. William D. MAUNDER is described seperately as Draper, Barriser of Law, and Gentleman on three documents that I hold. The address in Walthamstow is 6, Orford Road. Ellen is also described as Draper. They were the parents of my grandmother Ethel Daisy MAUNDER who was born 3rd September 1879 at this address.
Hilary Redman email

Ellen had a daughter by her previous marriage to William STONE ~ also Ellen STONE, also a Draper, who married a man named Simmonds/Symonds or similar. Their son was named Edmund but also known as 'Ted'  Do these names appear in your family tree, or do you have any knowledge of them? If so I'd love to hear from you.  nThankyou 'hmsweb' for this opportunity its a great site!
Hilary Redman email

SHAWL (Fieldhouse)
My name is Christian Fieldhouse and I'm trying to find some information about my grandfather John Fieldhouse Shawl who was born and grew in Walthamstow. He traveled to South America (Chile) in 1917 with his parents. If you have any information, please let me know.
Christian Fieldhouse Benvenutto email

I recently located my grandfather in the 190 l census living at 7 Coppermill Lane in Waltahmstow. He was Leonard SMITH age 14, born in Feltham, a son of Richard Smith and Emma (maiden name unknown ). Richard was a green grocer or gardener from Sussex.  Leonard was living in April of 1912 at 6 First Ave when he married Mildred Trew of Haggerston. They left there that summer, as my father was born in Saskatchewan, Canada.  Other members of the family were Rose Emma b.1883 ; Charles b.1885 ; Tilden b.1890 and Fanny born 1892. Since the family did live there, is there anybody out there with connections to this family?  Thank you for any help you can give me.
Albert G.E. SMITH email,  

I am trying to trace the daughters of Phyllis, nee Sanders, who was my Mother's sister. My Mother's name was Florence and they also had two sisters called Winnie and Olive and a brother named Thomas. Their parents were Thomas Ernest Sanders and Florence Elizabeth Cooper who were married in the Parish Church in Hackney on June lst 1900. They lived at No. 79 Clifden Road in Clapton. I believe that Phyllis may have had four daughters one of whom was Constance and unfortunately we never had any contact although my Mother used to talk about her sisters. If anyone has any information I would be most grateful.
Jose Ransome email

I have been trying for several years to find some information about my grandfather William Smith son of George Smith french polisher who lived in Cambridge Road, Walthamstow from approx. 1916 to late 1930s. Mother's name thought to be Emily. William married Elsie prior in 1915 having a daughter also named Elsie in 1916. Any information on this family will be most appreciated as my mother never knew anything of her father.
Paul Samuels email

Just been browsing Walthamstow and this is a long shot hoping you can help.
My great aunt was married 1917 a Rose Frisbee to William Charles Steans he died in Billericay Essex in 1932. I don't know the name of the cemetery. After his death, Rose with 3 children were placed in the home. Could you help me locate the records for these admissions and discharges I believe it was under the local borough. I believe the youngest child also called Rose Steans was Born there. Any help you can or direct me to seeking this information would be much appreciated regards.
Shirely J Steans email

I am trying to trace anyone who may have information on my paternal grandfathers family who I believe originated in Walthamstow. I am actually looking for information on AGNES BAKER born about 1858 in Walthamstow, who married a man called ?SMITH. They had a daughter called MAUD AGNES SMITH, born about 1878 in Walthamstow and sons WALTER & ERNEST. Maud married a man called Percy Edward Thomas Hughes, in Walthamstow. If anyone can help I would extremely grateful. 
Joanne Triplow email

I'm a Canadian, but my father and his family were from Walthamstow, and I'd love to find out more about them.
My dad: Sidney Alfred Walter SIMMONS was born April 17, 1904 at 73 Edward Road in Walthamstow to: Sidney George SIMMONS, born Dec. 27, 1882 in Walthamstow and Ada Rosina Jack, born June 3, 1880 in Poplar, London. The generation before that also hailed from Walthamstow.
Henry SIMMONS was born in Walthamstow in 1856 and died there Nov. 18, 1921.
He was married to: Cordelia Alice RAE, born in Walthamstow in 1858.
Sidney George Simmons was a joiner journeyman. He and his wife Ada had 3 other children.
Lily Ada SIMMONS was born Jan. 29, 1903 and Ernest Henry was born Dec. 19, 1905, both in Walthamstow.
Their youngest, Violet Hilda, was born Jan. 11, 1914, in Edmonton , Canada.
Sidney George Simmons left his family in England on April 17, 1910 to come to Canada. His wife and 3 children followed 2 years later. While in Walthamstow, the family also lived at 3, Carnarvon Road.
Does anyone have any information that could help me? Thanks for any help,
Helen Owens email

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