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Hello Daniel,

POWELL family of 66 South Grove, Walthamstow 1881 – 1920

My last post indicated that I had discovered the identity of my father Albert Powell, but as it turns out I have not been able to confirm this.

Albert is believed to be the illegitimate son of Mabel Ethel Powell, who was born in 1890 (West Ham), daughter of William Henry and Eliza Powell, married 1881. William Henry Powell was born 1858 and he and his wife Eliza (nee Hall Smith) had two other children, Thomas Henry (born 1882) Shoreditch, and Albert Frederick Powell, born Edmonton 1887.

The birth of Albert Powell to Mabel Ethel Powell is recorded as the 9 June 1919 at the Forest Gate Sick Home, although there are no records with those archives of this birth taking place.

My Dad, Albert, was sent to Western Australia in 1927 aged 8 and I still try to confirm his identity. I am naturally curious about talking with any descendants of the above family who may have moved to Lewisham. There is a marriage record for a Mabel Ethel Powell to Maurice Donaldson at Lewisham (Sept Qtr 1929) though I cannot prove this is the same Mabel Ethel Powell.

William Henry Powell was a Railway Clerk. I’m not sure of his death, but I think it may have been in the 1920’s.

It is believed my father Albert had three sisters. Did Mabel Ethel Powell have a daughter Elizabeth, West Ham, Sept Qtr 1915?

I would be grateful for any information on the above family.

I am also curious to any links to the Powells of (Loughton) Essex, namely David Powell (1764-1832) and/or his daughter Caroline Powell, grandmother to Georgina Beatrice Crawley.

Please refer any responses to Barbara Powell,

Thank you Daniel. Kind regards.

Barbara POWELL

29 Jun 2010 - POLLOCK
I have just found your site - fantastic, I now live in New Zealand and have been trying to research my family. I lived at 66 Ramsay Rd from 1958 to 1964 & attended Cann Hall Road School I have just found out that my Great grandmother Louisa Pollock & family lived at 4 Florence Villas Ramsay Rd - 1891 Census. I am looking for any info on the Pollock Family and also any leads on Arthur Cecil Edwin Morphett who was my mothers father (she was born in 1913) he married Florence Blanche Pollock but she remarried in about 1920, I think that he died but have had no luck at all tracing him or details of their marriage. Regards,
Leonie Beattie - email

I am trying to find out which church the Painter family may have used. They lived at 26 Roberts Road in 1909, 26 Macdonald Road in 1912 and
583 Forest Road in 1901 - anyone remember them?
Mother Caroline
Father Charles William
Children: Charles, Arthur, John, Florence, Elizabeth, Alice, Violet, Caroline, Doris,Jack
Does anyone know where Midway Place school is/was? Many thanks
Margaret email

I am looking for information on the birth of Sharon Peglar.. sent to walthamstow nursing home when born on 9-11-52.. now burnt down so records lost..
Lorrainne email

I am trying to find out more out my mother's family background and wonder if anyone using this site may be able to help.
My grandparents, Henry and Florence Pearce lived in 404 Hoe Street till about 1933. Their two daughters, Phyllis Eleanor (my mother) and Eunice were born in 1910 and 1917. Both girls went to a nearby school, Carisbrooke College - can find no trace of this, in Carisbrooke Road somewhere, presumbably? Anything (text or photos) from anyone who knows about that area, what buildings or shops or schools were there at the time...........would be helpful.

E. Beddall email

I am hoping to find the wherabouts of Jeffrey and Marjorie Page (nee Parrott). I believe they lived in Shernhall Road during the 1950s. This is for a Family History connection.

I was wondering if anyone knew of the Alfred Anthony Dell Family/Richard Eardley Searle Family/Edward Charles Fuller Family/Arthur Ernest Piercy Family /Frank Perryment Family.I do have alot of information on alot of these families, but I also I have alot missing so I was wondering if anyone can help. So instead of detailing info on the site because it is way to much, I thought I would ask if anyone knows of these names and if so we could look into it more.  Hoping to talk to someone soon.
Lorraine email

MARRIOTT AND PATON - I grew up in Walthamstow in the 1920's and 1930's and lived on Fleeming Close and went to Winn's Avenue School and lived near Lloyd Park. I am looking for people related to my Marriotts and Patons and also a school friend named June Keen. 
Erica Paton Marrriott (Harnett) now living in Canada email

I am seeking information on these families some of whom left Walthamstow in 1911 and 1912 to emigrate to New Zealand. Charles Bright and his father Edwin were master cabinet makers and I would like to find out more about this industry in Walthamstow. We still have one or two pieces of furniture intricately inlaid and carved. Charles Bright lived in 14 Russell Rd in 1901. He died in 1911 and shortly afterwards his wife and 3 small daughters left for NZ. His wife’s family – mother Amelia Pring, brothers John and Harold Pring and sister Florence (married to John Robert Simmons) and their families all arrived in New Zealand in 1912. I would like to hear from any family members still living in Walthamstow, or anyone who can tell me more about the furniture making industry in Walthamstow in the 1880-1910 period. Thank you,
Heather email:

Thanks to your splendid site, I have spotted the following - who I know to be relatives of mine by my Grandmother's first marriage. I refer to Charlie (Carlo Antonio's) PASOLA family from Newcastle, whose cousins were the SILMONS, WELD SILMONS and De WELD SILMONS from Sarah Jane MONAGHAN SERRANO's marriage to William Osman WELD SILMON (who originally had a Moroccan Arabic name and was born in Tetuan, c. 1853-56, died at 68 De Gray Street, Benwell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1918). Charlie was my Uncle, brother to Leonora Maria ("Lola"), so Terry PASOLA (see below), is one of my long lost Cousins, from one generation or another. Can you possibly put me in touch? Terry left no e-mail link to contact - otherwise, I would not be imposing on you like this, for which please accept my sincerest apologies. Every good wish for further successes with your wonderful and immensely helpful site. Joseph ("Joe" Silmon-Monerri (part of the half-Spanish family - Terry if you're reading this - younger brother of Arthur, George and Pepita )
Flat 15, Bankside Court
(a sheltered accommodation block of flats)
49 Pink Bank Lane
Longsight, Manchester
M12 5GA
0 161 225 6136 email

MAUNDER/STONE /PARTRIDGE Does anyone have any information about William Daniel MAUNDER who married Ellen STONE? (She was the widow of William STONE and her maiden name was Ellen PARTRIDGE-MAUNDER). They were married at Chiswick Parish Church on 22nd December 1875. William D. MAUNDER is described seperately as Draper, Barriser of Law, and Gentleman on three documents that I hold. The address in Walthamstow is 6, Orford Road. Ellen is also described as Draper. They were the parents of my grandmother Ethel Daisy MAUNDER who was born 3rd September 1879 at this address.
Hilary Redman email

I am searching for Mabel Ethel Powell (or living relatives of), formerly of 66 South Grove, Walthamstow, who gave birth to a boy Albert on 9 June 1919 at the Forest Gate Sick Home. Albert Powell is my father. He was put into the Dorney Children's Home, Dorney, near Windsor, as a baby until 1927 when, aged 8, he was sent to Western Australia under the auspices of the Kingsley Fairbridge Child Emigration Scheme. All his life he searched for his birth certificate and details of his parents, but he never found or knew, or was told his identity. Only just this week, after twenty years research myself, including a trip to England in 1992, was I sent the above details which confirms his identity. It is truly remarkable! I wonder if anyone can imagine what it has been like for my father and I wanting to know our family, and the incredible task we undertook to try and find out - a whole lifetime. I set upon the task from this day forward with the hopeful endeavour of finding my grandmother and possible living relatives. I never thought I would ever know. For my father's sake, this is truly a major achievement in our family history. With grateful thanks.
Barbara Powell email

Louisa Elizabeth Parry married Herbert Cecil Pawley in the December quarter of 1898 in West Ham and we know that they lived at 118 Belgrave Road Walthamstow for some time and had at least one daughter Ethel Maud who was born on the 13th of September 1902. Herbert at that time worked as a plumber...We think that other children may have included two sons and another daugther...Herbert and Robert but the daughters name we not sure but may have been known as Minnie Would sure like to here from anyone who can provide any info on the families.
David Chard email

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