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03 May 2010 - OCHILTREE
Hi, researching on Tom Ochiltree, who worked for several years at Manzies Pie Shop High Street around the 1950s in Walthamstow and his father John Ochiltree who worked as a market barrow boy in his youth and later married Lou Slatter, whose father had a Banana Stall at Walthamstow Market High Street. Can any one help with information in particular on John Ochiltree and his background parents etc around 1900 +.
Janice Ochiltree email

I live in Spain, my father Alfonso Obispo was born in Walthamstow in 255 Brettenham road the fifth of August of 1906, his father's name Roberto Obispo , his mother's name Harriet Obispo formerly Bishop, date of registeration 19th of September 1906 the deputy register Cistie Write (more or less). Application number S.R.22972/30. There is another sister Rosina born the 24th of August of 1905 registered by secretary Jackson. I give this information because I think there is another girl and I know nothing about my English family. My father came to Spain in 1912 I do not why - may be his parents' death, but only my father and Rosina came and if another dauther existed she remained in England. I do not why. My father was 6 years old and he never told us about his family, He was adopted by a Spanish family but they didn't change
his real name. I would like to know something about this part of my family, thank you. Estella Gomez email

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