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My wife & I are trying to find some information on my wife's maternal grand-parents, Rev W S & Mrs Norwood, who were missionaries at Hoti-Mardan, N.W. India - now Pakistan, & close to the Afghanistan border. We have a photo-copy of the Quarterly Record of the Central Asian Pioneer Mission (January 1904) - the only religious denominational reference is under "Reports of Meetings", where they refer to the Wanstead Cogregational C.E. Societies' Missionary Meeting - my wife's late mother used to talk of her parents beingmarried one midday, & departing England that night for India, never to return. They had9 children, all but 1 born in India, and came to Australia in the late 20's-early 30's,where her father practised as a Congregational Minister.
The Walthamstow connection is that the Home Director, Hon Sec, Hon Treasurer, Hon Publications Secretary, & the Hon Sec of Prayer Union all had Walthamstow addresses, though the Hon Editor was from clifton, Bristol. The Referees (?) were all Rev or Prof, 3 from Bristol,1 from Walthamstow, 1 from Plymouth & 1 from Devonport. I also tried to send a copy of this email to who, I gather, delve into the history of Walthamstow, but it couldn't get through. I'm hopeful that you can throw a little more light on the subject - anything at all would gratefully received. Would you like a photo-copy of the Quarterly Record as well? Best regards, Rose-Marie & Ross Murdoch, Mapleton. Qld. Australia. email:

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