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I was born in Wyatts Lane in Walthamstow 60 years ago and revisited it again in 2013 after 44 years in Australia. I am researching my family history and love your site as it gives me a real picture of what it must have been like when my parents and grandparents lived there many years ago. It has also given me a sense of belonging and at some stage I will put some information out there for your families list but at this stage though, I am looking for my Aunt, Rita Kendall née Smiles. We lost contact with Rita a few years ago when my Dad (her brother, Alfred Smiles) began to suffer from the effects of Alzheimer's. Rita was married to Bill, who has since passed away, and had 4 children, Kay, Billy, Kevin and Julie. I have no idea where the Kendalls lived in Walthamstow but Dad and Rita grew up in Maynard Road. Their father’s name was Horace Reginald and his second wife, Rita’s mother, was Dorothy Hartley. I vaguely recall that Rita may have moved to Chingford after her husband died but I am not sure. I hope there is someone out there that can help us get in contact and I appreciate the opportunity your site has given me to maybe find her.

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Hi, im trying to locate Richard Kane. I have been given my birth father details after 34 years he doesn't even know. His last known address was 368 Hoe St, Walthamstow, Greater London E17 and his father was called Thomas or Tom. He worked for granda tv rentals in 1975/1976. Richard was last seen 20 years ago. Any information pls thanks all
Paul Dowding email

Descendants of Alfred and Mary Ann (Polly) King who used to live in Macdonald Avenue, Walthamstow in the 1920/1930's are holding a Reunion in London on 15th June 2003. We are looking for other cousins to join us - namely the family of the eldest son, Alfred King, namely Alf, Philip, Connie, Sheila, Pat. Plus the family of Florence (Lol) and Charles Floyd - We believe there was a son named Charles and a daughter. We are also looking  for Roger and Paul Jones, sons of Doreen (nee Jarvis) and Arthur Jones, who used to live in Hall Lane, Chingford in the 1040's. If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of these people, we would be grateful if you could ask them to contact me. Many thanks for your help. Jose Ransome email

I am currently researching family history on behalf of my cousin. We have reason to believe that Timothy Patrick Kenealy (his grandfather) was at one time a "pupil" at St Johns Certified Industrial School, Walthamstow, Essex. We have found him on the 1901 census in these premises. Are there any records kept of young people in the Industrial Schools for that time period? Perhaps you could point me in the right direction as to whom I should approach regarding my query. Yours SincerelyAnn Hancocks (North Wales) email

I have been trying to find my relatives. My mother was born in England and lived on Selbourne Road in Walthamstow. Her parents were Edmund Henry King and Alice Maude NIchols King. She had a brother Eddie and a sister Doris. Eddie married a lady named Essie or Elsie, they had 2 children Beverly and Malcolm. Eddie has passed away and so have her parents, not sure about Doris. Doris married Arthur Salmon and they also had 2 children, Arthur and John. I am not sure if they even live around Walthamstow any more I did receive some infomation that Eddie's wife might live at 91 Kettlebaston Road off Bridge Road. I have been trying for months to find my relatives, but at the same time at least of of my relative was trying to find us, I might say he did a better job of it then I did. He is a son of my mothers cousin. There last name is Morgan, his mother was a Connie Cole before she married. David has been trying to fill us in on all the details he can, but I am continuing to look also. It has been since the 60's since my mother has had any contact with her family, until David found us.
Thank you very much for your site. It has been very interesting. From Alice Reardon If you could post this for me I would appreciate it. And I can be reached at email.

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