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Hi Daniel,
I wondered if anyone has any memories or photos to share of Ann (Amy Hampton) & Jack Huddle of (I think) North Countess Road, Walthamstow, who ran their own dance studio possibly in 1950's/1960's. Sorry to be so vague, Ann is my Great Aunt and I have vague memories of her when I was a small child and that she was a cat lover. I am trying to fill in my family tree and would love to hear from anyone who knew her, the Hampton or Ellison family, who her sister Agnes Janet (my nan) married into.

Many Thanks


HOPE family - posted 22 Sep 2009
Hi! I just came upon your site during my search for information about my ancestors. My great grandfather, William John McMillan, and his family apparently lived in Walthamstow up until about 1920. His son, Henry (my grandfather), was an apprentice toolmaker at the AEC plant there. I think they may have lived at 40 Grosvenor Park Road because I came across that address scribbled on a WWI military record that may relate to his brother, Alfred, who worked for a music store before they all moved to Australia. I do know that my grandmother, Winifred Hope, met Henry while he was living in Walthamstow and followed him to Australia to marry in 1924. Her father, John James Hope, was a printer and the family lived at 26 Higham Hill Road. I am told the family attended a Baptist church in Higham Hill Road. Any information about either family would be most appreciated. Best wishes,
Jeff Bird, from Australia email

HAGGER & CHATTERS - posted 12 Mar 2009
Does anyone have any information about a Chatters or Hagger family living in Walthamstow in about 1810? I am particularly interested in finding a baptism record for Thomas (Hagger or Chatters) who was born about 1810 and who was transported to Australia in 1829. Thanks.
Brian Chatters email

I am trying to trace the family of Winifred Violet Huxley, my father's first wife, who was born in 1899 and died tragically young in September 1928, after only six years of marriage to my father, Frank Morley (whose family lived at 160 Forest Road - a boot and shoe repair shop). The young couple lived at 6 Canning Road. The Huxley family lived at 33 Gamuel Road and Winifred had a younger brother and an older sister. The children possibly attended Gamuel Road School.Their father was called Joseph Huxley and he was a dock clerk. The family lived at 33 Gamuel Road.
I have some documentation and a few stunning photos of Winifred, which I would love to share with any descendants of her brother or sister. Winifred was also godmother to my cousin, Leslie King, now 80 and living in South Benfleet.
If anyone knows of the Huxleys I would be so grateful if you would get in touch with me (Pam Stockwell) at email

George Holland (my great grandfather) was a master upholsterer, who, in the 1901 cenus was living at 3, Georgina Terrace, Bakers Arms, Leyton High Road.
I believe he had a shop there. Any answers?
Geoff Spittles email

I am looking for any desendants of mr and mrs harvey who lived at 23 ashford road walthamstow, in the 1920s. they had 4 children. LILIAN. CAROLINE. TED. AND CHARLES. lilian was my mum. she was born in 1920.and caroline was born in 1911. i dont know what years the brothers were born.if anyone knows about any living relations now i would be very happy to hear from them.
Patricia Collison email

Doing some family tree research for an elderly church friend as a gift. The HAWTON family lived in Downsfield Rd, Walthamstow, in 1901. Also ran the Hawton (Private/Commercial) Hotel. The HICKEY family lived variously in Markhouse Rd, Arkley Rd, Downsfield Rd. The families also had City/Hackney links. I know she would particularly welcome anything still available about the family hotel.

Looking for any information on Walter or Frederick How families known to live in Walthamstow in the 1800's. Hard name to research but have relatives in Essex, Hampshire and Herts. Also searching for David How last known to reside in Walthamstow, his father was James (Jim) How married to Grace. Would appreciate any information on this family name. Thanks,
Norma email

Great site just found it - I am looking for WILLIAM HUGHES my grandfather or any of his siblings - I know he was born in West Ham sub district Walthamstow - his parents were WILLIAM HUGHES and mother FRANCES MONK we were led to believe that William was put into Dr Barnados when his mother died with other younger children from his family so am assuming that this was in Walthamstow - on his wedding cert it states that he was living at Lynmouth road when he married KATE CUNNEW in 1920 at the Parish Church in Walthamstow - she also lived in Lynmouth road - also believe that he had a sister called ROSINA HUGHES who also married into the CUNNEW family - KATES brother JAMES CUNNEW - we know one brother was ARTHUR HUGHES and a sister called VIOLET HUGHES - there were other brothers and sisters but names not known - if anyone can help I would be very grateful. Chris email

I am looking for any information or decendants of the Hoare Family that ran a barber shop at 190 Forest Road between 1905 and 1937. The barber's name was Frederick James William Hoare and he was married to Stella Kellord Hoare.  They had two sons and two daughters. Frederick James Hoare was born in 1895 and still resided at the shop in 1937. The other son, David William Hoare, left home at 15 and ended up travelling to America. The two daughters were: Clara Elizabeth Hoare was born on December 2, 1904 and Eva May Hoare was born sometime after that. In 1934, Frederick James William Hoare, Stella Rachel Hoare, Frederick James Hoare, Clara Elizabeth Hoare and Eva May Hoare are all listed as registered voters at 190 Forest Road. Frank Joa (Grandson of David William Hoare) Cincinnati, Ohio USA email

Looking for descendants of William and Mary-Jane Hurst who lived in Walthamstow from 1800's - 1952,Harold William Hurst and wife Edith immigrated to Canada 1921.
Harold had brothers and sisters still living in Walthamstow until the early 70's. Norma Hurst email.

I am researching my HUMFREY family who lived at Rose Cottages No. 6 Collard Rd. Some years ago I put a query into the Family Tree Magazine looking for information on this street and hopefully of my Great Grandfather William Chapman Humfrey and his family. My Grandfather, Arthur, being the second youngest child born in Walthamstow. I found the family on the 1881 Census but when I went to look on the 1891 Census No. 6 Rose Cottages seems to be missing. Other numbers in the street are still there.

A couple of the replies that I received through Family Tree came from people who had once lived in the street but could not remember No. 6. I am wondering whether the early numbers where pulled down sometime during the 1880's. Collard Rd. now no longer exists as it suffered from WW11 bombing so the houses where pulled down and the street eliminated. I don't know what is there now.  Would there be somebody out there who can answer my question. I'm not quite sure where to look for them at present. I can be contacted on email June Welsby

I would like any information on the Jim and Grace How family, they are my mothers cousins,and visited us in Weymouth Dorset in the late forties early fifties for summer holidays. They had three children David,Joyce and another little girl ,David would be about 73a nd Joyce about 65, some might remember Joyce from school. I now reside in Canada, but I do have How cousins in Braintree Essex and Havant nr. Portsmouth. Thanks,
Norma,  email

I am looking for relatives of my husband last name HURST who lived on BUXTON RDfor many years, his great grandparents were William and Mary Jane Hurst , his grandfather Harold Hurst married Edith Frisbee on Dec 2 1910 they had a son Harold William Victor and they emmigrated to Canada in 1926. Harold died on July 1st 1972 and Edith died October 31st 1975 .I know that Harold junior kept in touch with his cousin or aunt named Polly.Harold passed away in Calgary Canada on July 25th 2002, predeceased by his 3 sons and only daughter.I would like to hear from anyone who can give me any information. Thanks,
N. Hurst email

Could anyone help please? My husband and I are researching his family and very little is known about my husband`s father who, I understand used to `box` under the name of George Humphreys Henman probably during the 1930`s/40`s and possibly 50`s. We think that George was born in 1901 and lived at 3 Newman Road, Walthamstow. Please email any information. Much obliged. Sue Henman email

Hi there, I am trying to obtain some information on my grandmother, AMELIA REGINA HISCOCK, who was born in Walthamstow, London in 1892. Her father's name was Richard C. Hiscock and her mother's name was Regina Hogg. Can you direct me to how I may obtain some information.  Thank you for your time Patty Ross email

What a interesting and informative Web site.I am hoping you may be able to help me find my ancestors. My Great uncle Herbert HAMILTON was born in Colchester Essex, married Clara GOODWIN (year not yet known). They had one son Herbert James Francisborn in Walthamstow, London in 1908. Herbert James HAMILTON married Ada
(maiden name not known). Herbert and Ada had one child June HAMILTON. I am endeavouring to find June - I am hoping someone may have gone to school with June or knows of her. If anyone can assist me in anyway your help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Trudy  Western Australia email

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