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I have just accessed your wonderful site, and wondered if you might have any information for me to enable me to find my Grandmothers grave site.
She lived at 50, Chapel End , Chingford Rd,Walthamstow where I used to visit her during the war years.She lived with a Mr Poulter who I believe was a butcher.She died on the 12th February 1954 in the Langthorn Hospital,Leytonstone, aged 66. She was buried in the St Mary's Church Cemetery on the 17th Feb.1954. My Mother/Father and the kids all migrated to Australia in 1952.
Since I am visiting London in early July, I would dearly love to find her grave, do you have any contacts for me to find out ;
1.How to get there
2. How to obtain info. re the gravesite number.
Thanks for your time,
Shirley Chaplin email

215 Forest Road
I am trying to trace the names of the occupants who lived at 215 Forest Road, Walthamstow E17 in 1920/21 as this address has appeared whilst I have been researching my family tree, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Christine email

I am researching family History. Have gone over border into Leyton.1891 Census some living in FARADAY ROAD, on same census area next road HUXLEY (that is still there). My earliest map 1905 'No such road'. Going into 1901 census address search non-existent. I wondered whether Coronation Gardens could have been put there?
Derrick Bettiss email

I have ancestors who were from Walthamstow and I have a kind friend in England who is willing to drive to Walthamstow to take photos of properties for me. I need to know however, if the properties exist before I send her off on a long drive. Eight years ago I was visiting England and found and took photos of 4 Carnarvon Road, a house where my father lived in 1905. Since then, I have found two other addresses. One is 73 Edward Avenue. I see on a map that there is an Edward Avenue, but I need to know if there is a 73 on it. My father was born at that address in 1904. The other address is 3 Ashford Road. Does this address still exist? My grandfather was born at that address in 1882. I would be very grateful if you could let me know if there are still properties at those addresses. Thanks so much,
Helen Owens, CANADA email

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