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Hello, I was amazed to see this web site - wanted so badly to find a lady called Lou Gibson: she lived in Priory Court flats, Walthamstow, in the 50s. A dear friend of my sister, who is living in canada, but asked me if i could find her or family whereabouts? ..would appreciate it for any help given here. Thanking you


Maddy (Maureen ASTELL)

13 Oct 2010: Hi - My Father and his family, William Henry & Sarah Grove lived at 43 Clarence Road Walthamstow in the 1930's. My father, also William Henry, had a sister, Mab. I do not know her married name, but think she had two sons, one called Keith. My Grandmother came for a two week holiday in Rhyland, stayed until her death in 1962. If anyone knows anything about Mab or her two sons I would be very grateful if you would let me know. Thank you
Margaret LEWIS nee GROVE [Private Reply] [Public Reply]

29-Mar-2009: Hello, just come across your website while looking at Walthamstow links. It's brilliant.
My Grandfather Frederick William GREGORY lived in Clarence Road, Higham Hill, Walthamstow, with his wife Emily and several children, according to the 1911 census. He worked for the GPO as a porter/ sorter. He was 38 at that time. He died in 1931 from broncho-pneumonia at the age of 59, and had been living at Oatland Rise, which I think is off of St Andrew's Road. Are there any of his relatives still in Walthamstow? Any more information we can get would be a great help. He was a very elusive man. Regards,
Josie Gregory email

I would like to post the following on your family surnames list if possible. I was born in Walthamstow, Thorpe Coombe to be precise, in 1953 and lived in Acacia Road until I was 17 when we moved to Chingford. I went to Thomas Gamuel Junior School and George Gascoigne and Willowfield senior schools, leaving in 1969. I have very many happy memories of living in Wathamstow at that time, the best being the Saturday morning pictures at The Gaumont, Lea Bridge Road, the pie and mash shop Manzes in The High Street and going on the annual day trip to Southend with the Lighthouse Methodist Church, Sunday School.
I am interested in hearing from anyone born in Walthamstow with the surname Grogan. I come from a long line of Grogans and have been researching our family for the last three years. My grandfather (Albert Grogan born 1901) was the youngest child of a family of 13 so there must be several more Grogans still living in that area. Georgia Draper (née Grogan) 02.03.2007 Kind Regards
Georgia Draper née Grogan [Private Reply] [Public Reply]

Hi. I am trying to trace a Miss Brenda Griggs (shop assistant) who lived in South Countess Road in the early to mid sixties. Any info greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Mark Foster email

I am researching John Patrick Gallivan (possibly also know as Galvin) who was a butcher in High Street Walthamstow in the 1930s until about 1950s. His wife was Catherine & they had six children. The business was inherited by his son, also John Patrick (known as "Jack"), who died tragically in about 1952. Any recollections much appreciated.
Many thanks,
Angela email

Not sure if this is how to get my enquiry through to yor Ancestry page but I googled on into your Walthamstow web pages when I searched for < "43 Jewel" Walthamstow >. I am seeking information about Earnest & Lily Agnes GRAHAM nee DILLON and their descendants. They were married at Bath in 1903. When Earnest died in WWI in 1917 his widow lived at 43 Jewel Road Walthamstow. I am told that they had 5 children, two of whom were twins. A very interesting website. All the best
Peter DILLON email

My father, Edward Francis Grosvenor, was born in Walthamstow, UK on July 4, 1912, to Eleanor and Edward Grosvenor. Edward and Eleanor emigrated to Canada in December 1912, along with my father, Edward, and Eleanor’s children from her first marriage. Edward Grosvenor Sr. had worked as a teamster somewhere in Walthamstow, and was sent to Canada with help from his “union”.
Eleanor was the widow of a Mr. Wall, a pub ‘boxer’ who died when someone ruptured his appendix with a punch. When the Grosvenors emigrated, they had to leave one of the Wall children (Thomas Wall) at a ‘home’ in Walthamstow (Thomas was ill with some communicable disease at the time and would not be permitted on the ship).
If anyone has any information on either the Wall family or the Grosvenor family, please contact.
Karen Swain email

I am looking for information on my late father Thomas Green who lived at 96 Longfellow Road, Walthamstow. Last known date at this address was 1931. He was a piano maker/journeyman and/or bootmaker. Is 96 Longfellow Road still there? If you know of anyone who may have lived at or has any information regarding residents of this address, would you please e-mail me.
Eileen Bearman email

Hi My name is Helen and my grandad sadly died 4 years ago, James Thomas John Groves, know as Bunny Groves he played centre forward for Walthamstowe Avenue I wondered if you know if I could get the old paper clippings, pictures ect of him I have one scrabook that my nan passed down to me, which are rather tatty, but I would like to get the whole story of my grandads football path, plus if possible information on Vic and Reggie Groves his brothers Kind regards
Helen email

Hello I am researching the name of Godfrey in Walthamstow. Frederick, Thomas and Walter (born1868) lived with their parents Frederick and Lucy in Short Road in 1881. Thomas later married Mary Warnell and lived in Valentin Road (1897) and Collard Road (1901) and with their children Annie, Alfred John (Jack) Charles and Walter. I believe Walter married Lois and lived in Leucha Road with his children Frederick, Charles, Alice and William. My grandfather Jack married Rose Cole in 1919 (of Hartington Road) and their children were Rose, Leonard and Irene. This family lived in numerous places including Lynmouth Road, and Dagenham Road. Also does anyone know where or what College Corner was in about 1893? If anyone has any links with any of the above names or memories of them I would love to hear from you.
Anne email

Hi i am looking for the grantham family that lived at 35,wellington Road, 29, Wellington Road and 43 Melford Road, Walthamstow from about 1945 to 1957 the family are Charles John, Charles John Jr, Maria, Bessie, Leonard, ,June, Edith, Doris, and Irene they could have moved to Hervey Park Road if any one could help please get in touch we have family connections with thanks
Chrissy email

My great grandmother and great grandfather were from Walthamstow. Her name was Helen Maria Wiseman and his was George Grant. They came to the United States in 1885, but my great grandmother returned with her children for about three years in 1886. My great grandmother was born in in 1858 and great grandfather in 1857. They were married in 1877, My grandfather, Andrew Grant, was also supposedly born in Walthamstow im 1884. Any information on these people and their life in England would be greatly appreciated.
Carol Troestler email

I wondered if any body on your site could help me, I am trying to trace my family name and history .I am looking for any information on Acacia Road, Walthamstow I believe this is where my grandfather moved to in 1958 his name was Jack Girbow . Any information would be greatly appreciated, also there was a Mrs Girbow that I found surfing the net on Barbers Almanack 1964 it says that she had serious burns and the fire destroyed her weekend chalet home in little port she came from Walthamstow and wondered if any body had any information on this lady. Yours hopefully,
Keith Girbow email

What a interesting and informative Web site.I am hoping you may be able to help me find my ancestors. My Great uncle Herbert HAMILTON was born in Colchester Essex, married Clara GOODWIN (year not yet known). They had one son Herbert James Francisborn in Walthamstow, London in 1908. Herbert James HAMILTON married Ada
(maiden name not known). Herbert and Ada had one child June HAMILTON. I am endeavouring to find June - I am hoping someone may have gone to school with June or knows of her. If anyone can assist me in anyway your help would be greatly appreciated. Regards
Trudy Western Australia email

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