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Use the alphalist below to find any of the family surnames that have been emailed to us. Where more than one name has been provided for a particular entry it can be found under any of the given names. If you are able to respond to one of these searches for past relatives then use the email address after each entry.

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I am looking for any descendants of William John Flook and Mabel Betty
Flook (nee Hyde)
They had 3 children all born in Walthamstow :
John William 1940
Frances A 1941
Gerald M 1942
These are my half-brothers and sister that I had no idea existed until a
few years ago.
I know that Frances married a Joseph Bianchi in 1961 and they had a
daughter that same year - Carole A. I am despeate to find out any information.
Thank you Sue Gates email

I was wondering if anyone knew of the Alfred Anthony Dell Family/Richard Eardley Searle Family/Edward Charles Fuller Family/Arthur Ernest Piercy Family /Frank Perryment Family.I do have alot of information on alot of these families, but I also I have alot missing so I was wondering if anyone can help. So instead of detailing info on the site because it is way to much, I thought I would ask if anyone knows of these names and if so we could look into it more.  Hoping to talk to someone soon Lorraine email

I am researching Rose Frisbee and family late of Walthamstow if anyone can help me please contact. my email address thankyou Shirley Steans email

FROST, Charles
My Great-grandfather Robert Charles Frost was living at 15 Addison Rd Walthamstow at the time of the 1901 census. His son, my grandfather lived at 17 Addison Rd from some time in the 1920s until his death. A family story suggests that Robert Charles Frost (who was an Architect and Builder) was involved in the building of some of the properties in Addison Rd. I would be most grateful if you could let me know if you have any records that would support this. If not perhaps you might know if the information could beheld somewhere else. Yours Faithfully Peter A. Frost email

Just been browsing Walthamstow and this is a long shot hoping you can help.
My great aunt was married 1917 a Rose Frisbee to William Charles Steans he died in Billericay Essex in 1932. I don't know the name of the cemetery. After his death, Rose with 3 children were placed in the home. Could you help me locate the records for these admissions and discharges I believe it was under the local borough. I believe the youngest child also called Rose Steans was Born there. Any help you can or direct me to seeking this information would be much appreciated regards. SHIRLEY J STEANS email

I am searching for information on my Great Grandparents, Richard Foreman and Ester Foreman (nee Martin) who lived at 41 Buxton Road, Walthamstow in 1890. I know they had one son, Edward. I know that he was a Hospital Porter but do not know any more than that. If you can add any information or recommend any links for research, I would very much appreciate it.  Thanks Chris email

I am seeking information about my great-grandparents. Their names were John Edward Fennimore and Beatrice Alice Townsely. They ended up in Middleville, New York after a short time in Canada (St.Catherines maybe?). They had 7 kids - 3 in Canada. John Edward had at lest two sisters that were alive in the early 1970s.Their names were Bea and Lillian. I also know that Beatrice Alice Townsley's mother was Jane. John Edward and Beatrice Alice got married at St. Barnabas Church. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,  Kristin Buck Email -

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