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Hi Daniel,
I wondered if anyone has any memories or photos to share of Ann (Amy Hampton) & Jack Huddle of (I think) North Countess Road, Walthamstow, who ran their own dance studio possibly in 1950's/1960's. Sorry to be so vague, Ann is my Great Aunt and I have vague memories of her when I was a small child and that she was a cat lover. I am trying to fill in my family tree and would love to hear from anyone who knew her, the Hampton or Ellison family, who her sister Agnes Janet (my nan) married into.

Many Thanks


EVANS - 7 Aug 2010: Any info on Harold Arthur Charles Evans: My Father has recently passed away but I am fascinated by his childhood and growing up in Walthamstow and any info would be fab. My Dad was born on 21st Jan 1920, his Mother was called Margaret, born 1891 ? where (maiden name was Rogers) and his Father's name was Harold, he was a Surveyor and died when my Dad was about 20, he had 2 older sisters Hilda and Olive, the family lived at 4, Empress Parade. He went to George Monoux School from 1931-1936, left to become an insurance clerk then joined the RAF. Any info appreciated. This site is absolutely amazing and addictive ! Thank you.
Claire COLLINS (née EVANS) [Private Reply] [Public Reply]

EDWARDS - 10-Mar-2009: I would really like to be able to request help through "Walthamstow Memories" with lookups at the cemeteries recommended by Norman Bird:
"The staff in the office at Chingford Mount cemetery should be able to tell you where your people are buried if they are in Chingford
Mount or Queens Road cemetery, Walthamstow.
Cemetery Superintendant Registrar
Chingford Mount Cemetery
121 Old Church Road - Chingford - London E4 6ST
Tel. 020 8524 5030 Fax. 020 8523 7944 ."

We were in London twice, but only for a day or two each time, and then in South Kensington. Never got near Walthamstow. Living in the Chicago suburbs with no specific knowledge in time and space of the Walthamstow area, my efforts at research there have come to very little. Many thanks,
Ed Broecker email

We are trying to find information on my wife's great uncle C.A. or Arthur EDWARDS and his wife Maud Mary. They lived in Walthamstow in 1908, and again at 12 Pearl Road, Walthamstow, from 1930 to 1954 or later. We are trying to find:
-When and where they died and where they are buried.
-If they had children.
E.M. and Lorene Miles BROECKER, Suburban Chicago, Illinois, USA email

23 - Feb 2009 - Hello! I am very interested in corresponding through your newsletter. Among others, I am trying to find death and burial information for Arthur or C.A. Edwards and his wife Maud Mary, nee Lovell, who lived at 12 Pearl Road from about 1930 through 1959 or so. I have a timeline for them that is quite confusing. Regards
Ed Broecker email

23-Feb-2009: Norman, Daniel and other list members, Thank you.
We live in suburban Chicago and have no good way of checking for these burials. Is it possible for someone there to contact the cemetery for us. Of course we are willing to do the same here in the Chicago, Illinois area for those in England. We are glad to share our information on my wife's EDWARDS family of Wales, Walthamstow, Brighton and New Jersey/Florida/Texas here in the States. The father of Arthur (C.A.) EDWARDS was Thomas Roberts(on) EDWARDS; siblings Herbert Stanley(Spencer) EDWARDS, Maud EDWARDS GAMMON, Howell Tudor EDWARDS, and Lawrence Vincent EDWARDS.
Herbert and Howell lived in New Jersey and Florida; Lawrence in Texas; and Maud in the Brighton, England area.
I will be grateful for your help.
Ed Broecker email

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