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DOWDESWELL/JEFFERY - 30 Jan 2011: Hi Daniel and John, I am researching my family history: my great, great grandfather George Dowdeswell was a resident of Walthamstow from about 1888 onward's. In 1891, he and his wife Ellen along with their 11 children were living at 2 Longfellow's road, George was then a retired met police inspector and was working as a school board inspector. In 1901 the family were then living at 112 Albert road, Walthamstow. Does anyone know's if these addresses and even the houses still exsist?
My great grandmother Alice Dowdeswell married Ernest Jeffery on the 1st august 1900 in St Stephen's church, Walthamstow, which I think no longer exsists.
In 1891 Ernest, aged 14, was an assistant in a lace warehouse. He was living at 39 Cuthbert street, Walthamstow, with parents Jane and John. In 1911 he and Alice, his wife, were living at 59 Grove road, Walthamstow. They had 6 children, 3 of whom were triplets: Muriel Faith, Phyllis Hope and Winifred Charity Jeffery. Winifred died at 5 month's old..... Ernest was still working in the drapery trade as a manufacturers agent. In 1926 Ernest, then aged 47, left his family, apparently for a younger woman - possibly Henrietta Ada Rich???? one knows where he went after his departure, did he stay in walthamstow or surrounding area???..
If anyone knows anything about the above names, I would love to hear... Thank you so much. Regards.
Lisa THURSTON [Private Reply] [Public Reply]

DENNY - 06 Mar 2010: Good Morning, I am researching my ancestors, Frederick William Denny born 1860 in Shoreditch. He and his wife Mary Few lived in 1911 at Turner Rd Walthamstow. They had a large family. Fred was a French Polisher and he died 24 November 1911. He was still at the above address when he died. May I ask if a notice could be placed in your notice column. Thank you for such an interesting site. Yours faithfully,
Robyn Mason Sydney Australiaemail

Not sure if this is how to get my enquiry through to yor Ancestry page but I googled on into your Walthamstow web pages when I searched for < "43 Jewel" Walthamstow >. I am seeking information about Earnest & Lily Agnes GRAHAM nee DILLON and their descendants. They were married at Bath in 1903. When Earnest died in WWI in 1917 his widow lived at 43 Jewel Road Walthamstow. I am told that they had 5 children, two of whom were twins. A very interesting website. All the best Peter DILLON email

I am trying to find information about my great, grandparents Joseph and Mary-Anne Marks. Mary Annes maiden name was Daniels. Their daughter Doris (my nan) was born in Walthamstow in 1920, which makes me think they were living there at the time. They later had a son called Sidney. Any information regarding them, especially when and where they were married would be gratefully recieved.
Many thanks,
Jenny Horrigan email :

DEAN - Help please I would like amy information on Doris and Fred Dean who lived in Walthamstow, they had a son Colin and twins Michael and Pam. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Chris email

I was wondering if anyone knew of the Alfred Anthony Dell Family/Richard Eardley Searle Family/Edward Charles Fuller Family/Arthur Ernest Piercy Family /Frank Perryment Family.I do have alot of information on alot of these families, but I also I have alot missing so I was wondering if anyone can help. So instead of detailing info on the site because it is way to much, I thought I would ask if anyone knows of these names and if so we could look into it more.  Hoping to talk to someone soon Lorraine email

Hello, What a wonderful web site! I'm hoping someone is able to help me. My gt uncle John Royall Minns married Annie Elizabeth Dames at St Mary's church, Walthamstow in Sept 1888. He was described as a cook living at 9 Ravenswood Road and she as a servant of the same address. They subsequently emigrated to the USA via Australia and the Falkland Islands. The American side of the family have always believed that they were married in a church that was "owned" or on land owned by the Royall Minns family. Can anybody throw any light on this story? Or tell me if Ravenswood Rd still exists? I believe the Dames were cabinet makers in the area. Thanking you in anticipation. M Charlston email

Searching the Davis family who lived at 43 Metford or Melford Road Walthamstow, in 1960 /1961. They had a daughter called Irene Davis but was known as Pat who worked in the printing works. If anyone has any family connections or if any one knows of them please get in touch. With thanks Chrissy email

DICE family - sometimes spelled Dyce
What a great site this is, I was born in Walthamstow and it holds such happy memories for me, so I'm always trawling around here and particularly love the photos.
My grandmother was born Mary Lousia Dice in the village of
Tolleshunt Knights, Essex in 1892. In either 1899 or 1900, her
father, Sam Dice, then a ploughman, loaded the family's precious
few belongings and his wife and 10 children onto a horsedrawn cart and set off for a new life in Walthamstow. They moved into a house in St John's Road and later Victoria Road, where they lived for many years. I'd love to hear from anyone who has links to my Dices, mygrandmother's 10 brothers and sisters married:
Charles ARCHER, married Alice May Dice 1916 - emigrated to Oz Eliza KING, married Ezekial (Sam) Dice 1913 Walthamstow
Peter SEATON, married Clara Annie Dice, 1916 Walthamstow
Charles ELSEGOOD, married Charlotte Jane Dice, 1912, WalthamstowGwendoline BIRD, married Edward Dice/Dyce, 1916 Walthamstow Florence EDMUNSON, married Frederick Thomas Dice/Dyce, 1914, Walthamstow Rosa BUTLER, married Percy George Dice, 1932 Walthamstow Albert OSBORNE, married Elsie Dice, 1928 Walthamstow Florence JONES, married Ernest William Dice, 1924 - son Jack emigrated to Oz
Jane OSGOOD, married Joseph Dice, 1931, moved to Portsmouth.
Colleen Morrison - email

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