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Does any one remember the Buisson family, they lived in Macdonald road Walthamstow . It would be great to see a photo!


Hi, Georgina,
Thanks for writing.

I really don’t know how old Harry and Christine actually were in ‘63. I would guess that Christine was in her early teens. Harry simply seemed to be ‘a grown-up’ to me; I was only 9. He could have been anywhere between forty to mid 50’s, I suppose.

My Nan - Anne – and her son John lived at 115 until about 1979. They then moved in with my Mum and aunt who were both widows. They all lived together in Woodford Green thereafter.

I honestly can’t be sure that the Bucklands were still at 117 after 1979.

Good luck with your search.


Hello, my grandmother Jane Elsie Buckland was born in 1916 and lived at 117 Gosport road. I don't know her father's name, but her mother was Jane. How old was Harry Buckland and Christine? I have no photographs of the house or them. If you have any information please contact me

Georgina WARDEN

Hello, is there any way of seeing who lived at the above address in 1929?

My mother in law has this address on her birth certificate, but she was put into Barnardos and has no record really of her family

She was born in 1929 but at a young age was taken to Dr. Barnardo's Home. She has the name of Ellen Babbs as her mother and Walter James Humphrey as her father, a milk roundsman. The address shown is Bemsted Road but do not know if that is one or both of the parent's address. We can find no trace of them marrying and in fact it may be he was married to someone else at the time. Any information would be very helpful as she is now 84 and still does not know much about her family and if she still has any.

Many thanks


I am investigating my family history and am trying to find out more about a Margaret Barker who married my relative Athole Menzies in 1937. On their marriage certificate they are both recorded as living at 14 Rensburg Road, and she is shown as being a 'toothbrush stamper' by occupation. Unfortunately, I can't find out anything else about Margaret - where and when she was born (c. 1918?), who her parents were etc. I also don't know what happened to her later - there's no obvious record of a death for her, and there is no one left in my family who might know. I guess WW2 might have stirred things up a bit! If anyone could shed any light on the story, I'd be very grateful!


My widower Gt.Grandpa James STEWART's 3rd marriage was to widow Emily Alice BARTLETT (nee BANNOCKS) on 15/9/1909 at the Parish Church of St James the Greater Walthamstow - both were living at 38 Netley Road - he was a Ship's Cook at the time. Their witnesses were John Thomas GROVES & James' daughter Phoebe [aka Beatrice] Mary STEWART - who married in the same Church in October 1909 to Peter F MILLER.
The 1911 census records Emily Alice STEWART living at 18 Vernon Road, Walthamstow, with 2 of James' children from his previous marriage to Harriet STEWART (nee KIRBY), who died in 1903 in Walthamstow.
Emily Alice BARLETT's 1st marriage was to Reuben BARLETT on 25/12/1893 at the Parish Church of St Philips in Tower Hamlets, Middx (they were both in Service at the time) and I believe they had a daughter, possibly also named as Emily Annie(?) BARTLETT. Reuben died in Walthamstow 29/3/1909.
[Please see my earlier Family History entries under 'S' for STEWART, etc & 'M' for MILLER, etc]
I'd greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who's ancestral lineage links with these folk, please.
Pam RAY [Public Reply] [Private Reply]

19-Jul-2009 - BAKER/SMITH family: Hello, I can provide all the required information but unfortunately, the email address for Joanne Triplow as given doesn't work. Would you please publish an item to the effect that if the information is required the searcher should reprovide a working email? Thanking you in anticipation,
William Bayliss email

Leonard Miller Frank Barrett
born March 2 1896
62 Grove Green Road Leyton
Hello walthamstow memories. I am doing a bit of family tracing. Can anybody help me please with information on L M F ( Frank ) Barrett. He was a Royal Engineer at the end of the First World War, worked in India between the war as a civil engineer , and
resumed his military service in the Burma campaign . I would be grateful for Any information on Frank and/or his descendants. Robin Myring email

I am looking for information on William Fellowes Baker who was christened on 6 April 1790 at Walthamstow in Essex England, the second child of Benjamin Baker and Mary Fellows. His parents were married at St Mary’s Leyton on January 5 1783. Their first child, Mary was christened 17 November 1786 and their third, Thomas was christened 22 July 1794.  Kind regards Colette Chinn email

I am seeking information on these families some of whom left Walthamstow in 1911 and 1912 to emigrate to New Zealand. Charles Bright and his father Edwin were master cabinet makers and I would like to find out more about this industry in Walthamstow. We still have one or two pieces of furniture intricately inlaid and carved. Charles Bright lived in 14 Russell Rd in 1901. He died in 1911 and shortly afterwards his wife and 3 small daughters left for NZ. His wife’s family – mother Amelia Pring, brothers John and Harold Pring and sister Florence (married to John Robert Simmons) and their families all arrived in New Zealand in 1912. I would like to hear from any family members still living in Walthamstow, or anyone who can tell me more about the furniture making industry in Walthamstow in the 1880-1910 period. Thank you, Heather email:

Hi, My name is Lisa and I've recently found out that my great great grandfather had a butchers shop in Boundary Road, Walthamstow. His name was Bowden. This would have been in the late 1800s, as his son emigrated to Canada in around 1895 and there was no-one to carry on the family business when great great grandad retired. I would love to know more about this, if anyone has any info that would be great. Many thanks Lisa Cunningham email

Please could you help me, I am trying to find the family of my mothers birth mother, who is named on her birth certificate as Florence May Bawden, blouse finisher of 215 Forest Road, Walthamstow London E17. the birth cert is dated 1921. Any information would be a help as i have hit a brick wall. Christine email

I have no personal memories of Walthamstow Essex other than walking up and down Queens Road trying to find my grandfather's home. Looking for anyone connected to Brooks. Known names, Annie, George, Arthur, twins Florence and Mabel, Thomas and there was one other but unsure if it was Edwin or Edward. Only key date is 1892 for the birth of Arthur. Thanks, email

BRYAN family - originally O'Briens
My grandfather was William Bryan born in the Strand, London in 1892. He was the son of Daniel Bryan, an Irishman from Derry, who moved to Walthamstow with his wife, Emily (nee SWAIN) and children in the early 1900s, I think. They lived in Chingford Road, just down the road from the Bell pub. My granddad worked for the Refuge Insurance company, I'm not sure if this was in Walthamstow or not, I think so. I'd love to hear from anyone with Bryan ancestors who may be connected to mine. Colleen Morrison - email

BANKS family
My dad's father, Albert Banks, moved Shoreditch to Islington, then Tottenham before marrying Edith Florence PASK and finally settling in Walthamstow during the early part of the 1900s. They lived in Billet Road for many years. My grandfather was originally a rag and bone man but later worked as a delivery man for the Co-op which I think must have been in the High Street. My dad had a Brother, Jimmy, who lived in Priory
Court and a sister, Edie who lived near the Crooked Billet at one stage. I would love to hear from anyone with connections to my Banks family, especially my cousins. Colleen Morrison - email

It is good to see that your web site is growing and well used. Would you please place in the appropriate section the following request:-
If there is anyone of, or who remembers, the Curtis family who resided at 251 Billet Road during the 1930's and 1940's reading these pages would they please contact me. One daughter was called Emily who married in the 40's and became a Birket(t) but died shortly afterwards. I would also like to ask for any information with regard to the Brocklehurst family of Harwarden Road and Higham Hill of the same period. Does anyone remember a St Paul's Church? Thank you Geoff email

Can anyone help us with any information at all regarding our Mother & Grandmother Violet May Burton who was born 1902 in Islington & then we believe she was bought up by her father George whose profession was brewers porter, in Walthamstow. Her Mother Elizabeth had died while giving birth to Violet.We have been told she had a sister Rose & a brother Jim We would dearly love any info at all  Pat & Ray Hayes Australia email

My grandparents and then parents ran the "Lord Robert's off license at 16 Macdonald Rd, Walthamstow. Our family name is Brown. My grandfather was Alexander and my father was Peter. I believe the Lord Roberts was our family business from around 1905 - 1985. I am Peter's only child and although lived in Walthamstow, was sent away to boarding school in Westcliff. My birth mother died in my child birth and for about a year my father had uniformed nannies looking after me. I have photos of the nanny pushing my pram in Lloyd's park. I guess my Dad though he was doing the best for me. I do remember coming home at weekends, I used to help out in the off licence and had to teach my parents how to convert shillings to pence when the decimal conversion came. We lived near a large factory - Fullers (?). There was a bakery on the corner of Forest Rd and Fulbourne Road. There was a corner grocery shop on Macdonald Road and Spencer (?) Rd. Next to our off licence was a newsagents called "Sams" it was then replaced with a doctors office. There was a great Fish n' chip shop on the lower end of Wood Street. I recall that there was a dancer (ballerina ) called Doreen Wells who lived on MacDonald Rd and she then married the Duke of Londonderry or similar. My grandparents sponsored a street party for when Queen Elizabeth was crowned and then my parents did the same for the Silver Jubilee. The first time I actually went to school in my home town was when I went to the Waltham Forest Polytechnic. My family used Dr. Mackie who had a surgery just off Wood Street. I have lived in Florida since 1984. If there is anyone that remembers my parents Peter & Elizabeth Brown, please respond via email. Thanks,
Prue (Prudence) Lewis email

I am trying to trace anyone who may have information on my paternal grandfathers family who I believe originated in Walthamstow. I am actually looking for information on AGNES BAKER born about 1858 in Walthamstow, who married a man called ?SMITH. They had a daughter called MAUD AGNES SMITH, born about 1878 in Walthamstow and sons WALTER & ERNEST. Maud married a man called Percy Edward Thomas Hughes, in Walthamstow. If anyone can help I would extremely grateful.  Joanne Triplow email

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