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Hi Daniel!
Is there anyone out there who can help me with some info?

My great grandparents lived at no. 7 Bedford Road E17 (their names are ARTHUR AXFORD and ROSINA née JEWEL): numbers 1, 3, 5 , and SEVEN were all bombed in the last war. Number 9 onwards still stand, hence you can still see the exact spot where my great grandparents house once stood, sadly now all car park. My dear mum RENE (Irene) NICHOLS née RIDLEY said that their garden in summer was full of Asters a variety called... ostrich plume... Sadly my grand father died after falling down after sweeping snow in the small front garden. Are there, I wonder, any photos of those houses? Or indeed was there anything pictured and documented in the local papers at the time?

Also, opposite them lived their daughter albeit lived in Forest road, on the corner of Gaywood rd (?), and said to have faced Lloyds Park. Today there are trees on the spot and old folks home?? I was told that it was a land mine? Apparently my great aunt, Minnie Olive, and her children were in an Anderson shelter at the bottom of the garden and buried for four or so hours. Min's husband Joe rushed along to help in the rescue (Joe was a doorman at Walthamstows PALACE THEATRE). My great grandparent's great grandson is JOHN AXFORD, well known on The Antiques Road show. My great grandfather was a Foreman at Hornimans Tea. Where was his exact place of work, (Hornimans factory)? His brother HENRY, on hearing of his brother's death, took his own life. He lived at COURTNEY PLACE E17: he apparently taped up all the doors and windows, with a notice reading do not enter - gas on...! He too I believe he worked at Hornimans.


I am looking for any news about Lola Dolores Abad-Bishop's descendents or any one who have heard about her, born in Walthamstown in 1908 in 255 Brettemham Road. Thanks for reading.
Estella Gomez email:

Anyone know Sydney and Sarah Alston who lived at 19 Linford Rd walthamstow way back in 1902 but are not on 1901 census so must have moved in after march 1901. They married at St Saviours in 1894. My father was born at Linford Rd. 
Pauline Alston email

I am looking for relatives. Thomas Martin Anderson came to New Zealand on the Larkins in 1885. He was baptised in the St Mary's Church, Walthamstow. His parents were Maria and William Anderson. I am hoping I have some relations in Walthamstow. I would like to keep my name confidential over the internet thankyou.
Hiria email

Looking for descendants of William P ARCHER and Sarah M ARCHER. They were my great grandparents and at the time of the 1901 census were living at 44 Frazer Road. They had three children Ellen E, Richard J and Ernest C. William's occupation was described as sadler. I am trying to put together my family history and would appreciate any information.
Eric Archer email

My grandparents, Alfred John Archer and Emily Annie Clark, were married March 24, 1907 at The Lighthouse, Walthamstow. Their marriage certificate states that they were married "according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the United Methodist Free Churches". I have two questions. First of all, the marriage certificate gives their residence as 52 St. James Street, Walthamstow, and I have been unable to find this street on a map. Does it still exist? Has it been renamed? Secondly,  if anyone has any connection with this family, I would love to exchange information. At the moment, I'm beginning to be convinced that my great-grandmother, the wife of Frederick Clark, was christened "Grannie"! Thanks for any help,
Gail Chellew email

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