The Spartans

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From 1962 until 1964 the Spartans played all over London, the Home Counties and East Anglia. The Spartans consisted of Gerry Kirk (guitar/vocals), Howard Watling (guitar), John Knowles (bass/vocals), Colin Aylott (drums) and Martyn Palmer (vocals). Later on Martyn left and Gerry Kirk and John Knowles did all of the vocals. the band auditioned for various agencies and were used and abused by them. John and Rik Gunnell gave us the most work - we played twice on the same bill as the Rolling Stones, just after they had recorded 'Come On', at The State Ballroom, Maida Vale (Kilburn)and at the Norweik Club at Tottenham. We also played with 'The Hollies' at Hounslow Baths (see poster below)and with Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames at the Flamingo. At one point we worked with a girl singer called Chris Anthony who went on to make some recordings and made at least one TV appearance. (Howard Watliong reminds me that her name Chris Anthony was short for Christina Antonioargieu, but she couldn't use her real name because of the troubles in Cyprus).

We recorded a demo disc with her called 'Hearts Ice-Cold'.

The two photographs show us playing in the National Beat Contest at The Lyceum in The Strand, London.

Below: Gerry Kirk holding the poster for Houslow Baths and the appearance with The Hollies on November 8th 1963.

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